2,000 drivers with 100-plus tickets

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2,000 drivers with 100-plus tickets

2,000 drivers with 100-plus tickets

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has blasted drivers who are stressful an amnesty to pay outstanding visitors tickets, telling them it is a topic for the court, now not the Government.

Plenty of taxi operators withdrew their products and companies final month stressful an amnesty just just like the one who became once utilized for persons to flip in illegal guns. But Chuck made it constructive that there might maybe maybe maybe be no leeway from the Government, in accordance with the volume of unparalleled visitors tickets clogging the courts.

“Now we enjoy over a million tickets that we will be pursuing. You enjoy got over 2,000 drivers with over 100 tickets, nearly 500 with 500 tickets, and these are the of us that issue you they need time to pay? These are the of us repeatedly collecting visitors tickets admire confetti,” he mentioned.

Speaking at a justices of the peace commissioning in Ocho Rios, St Ann, on Thursday, Chuck declared that the Government is now not going to abet down, even as some taxi drivers stay defiant that they need time to pay outstanding tickets.

“This Government is now not going to abet down and we’re sure that for each violator there’ll be consequences,” Chuck warned. “That is a topic for the courts; here is now not a topic for the high minister and the minister of justice and the Government.”

“If you fail to pay your tickets in 21 days, it is a topic for the court. You resolve to enjoy a cost view, plod and search the recommendation of with the defend shut,” he added.

Chuck mentioned outstanding tickets are being sorted out and will be on the ministry’s online page. Violators will be caught and taken to court, he warned.

He mentioned in accordance with the system being utilized, persons with outstanding tickets might maybe maybe now not have the option to resume their licences or register their autos.

“Now we enjoy some drivers, I assemble now not know the assign them arrangement from. I assemble now not know the assign them salvage them licence … nonetheless their days of reckoning are at hand,” he mentioned. “We enjoy mapped out each label issued over the final many years; they’re all within the courthouse.” He mentioned that there is a room fats of unparalleled tickets within the courthouse in Montego Bay and thousands and thousands in Kingston.

Chuck known as on drivers to obey the highway code and respect the foundations of the highway, and people the utilize of the highway.

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