After Quiet Hill, 5 Classic Video games Konami Desires to Revive

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After Quiet Hill, 5 Classic Video games Konami Desires to Revive

After Quiet Hill, 5 Classic Video games Konami Desires to Revive
  • Konami has re-launched some classic games on PC as of late.
  • Metal Instruments Trusty and Castlevania games are on the checklist of games already accessible via GOG.
  • Listed below are 5 other colossal games that will likely perchance salvage with being ported to PC.

Konami has been re-releasing a slew of games to PC as of late.

It all began with rumors of a Metal Instruments Trusty PC rerelease that turned out to be very upright.

Since then, Konami has also long previous on to launch the PC port of Quiet Hill 4: The Room, a game first and foremost launched in 2004.

With the firm beginning to bring their attend catalog to the PC gaming market, there are an very excellent few games that have to be on that checklist.

Konami - Silent Hill: The Arcade
While the chronicle was as soon as insane and the speak appearing terrible, Quiet Hill: The Arcade would be stress-free to play on PC. | Source: Arcade Museum

5. Quiet Hill: The Arcade

Quiet Hill is with out speak one of Konami’s most favorite and notorious franchises of all time. For the reason that launch of the 4th important game attend in 2004, the sequence has been struggling to stop relevant. Quiet Hill: The Arcade was as soon as a made of that fight.

As is typical of the put up ‘Crew Quiet’ games, this game has a nonsense chronicle and terrible speak appearing. Nevertheless, moreover it is the particular game within the sequence which is a lightgun game. While the arcade undoubtedly gives the most straight forward ride for such games, a mouse is a upright replace. Trusty now play this game presently is to rep an arcade that hasn’t updated its machine since 2008, so a PC port would be welcome.

Konami - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
No longer finest would Symphony of the Night time be colossal for a PC launch, on the other hand it was as soon as as of late the game’s 22nd anniversary too. | Source: Twitter

4. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night time

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night time would possibly per chance likely perchance aesthetic be the most straight forward Castlevania game ever made. It’s phase of the motive that the Metroidvania fashion took off personally, and proper kind now the particular suggestions to play it are via the PS1 port.

Konami porting Symphony of the evening to PC would no longer finest enable it to be conducted by extra of us but would possibly per chance likely perchance moreover moreover enable modders to expand on the game’s parts a little. No longer that the gameplay needs altering, but the flexibility to play in widescreen would be good.

Konami - Suikoden
While the game would possibly per chance likely perchance no longer be as favorite as Remaining Legend, Suikoden has a dedicated fanbase and for upright causes. | Source: YouTube

3.Suikoden Video games

While Remaining Legend holds the crown for PlayStation RPGs ensuing from titles fancy Remaining Legend VII, they weren’t the particular games in metropolis. Suikoden is a classy JRPG from the technology that most ceaselessly goes unnoticed by many players.

While the game was as soon as ported to PC in Japan attend within the late 90s, the west never had that luxurious. It can likely perchance be colossal to see the English language model of the game seem on PC out of doorways of emulators. Extra of us resolve on to play and bask in this sequence.

Konami - Metal Gear Solid 4
Metal Instruments Trusty 4 is the particular game within the sequence that isn’t presently accessible on PC and that’s a huge disgrace. | Source: Konami

2. Metal Gears Trusty 4: Guns of the Patriots

For the reason that remainder of the Metal Instruments Trusty sequence is accessible on PC in one salvage or another, wouldn’t polishing off the put be superb? Metal Instruments Trusty 4 has been locked onto the PS3 because it got here out attend in 2008, limiting the series of of us that will likely ride it.

With 1 + 2 being rereleased, and 5 coming to PC at launch it’d be colossal to see 4 engaged on a up-to-the-minute PC quite than one particular console. This topic finest works if PlayStation will let it scuttle needless to claim.

Konami - P.T.
P.T. is one of gaming’s biggest losses in most up-to-date memory. Konami would be doing the arena a favor by bringing it attend. | Source: YouTube

1. P.T.

This is undoubtedly the biggest request of most players own for a PC launch. P.T. was as soon as the playable teaser for the unreleased Quiet Hills reboot of Konami’s eminent dismay franchise. While the customary game didn’t happen, there was as soon as no motive to steal this aesthetic teaser from the PlayStation Retailer.

While the game it’s a teaser for obtained’t ever peek the gentle of day, it’d be good for of us to ride P.T. as a stand-alone ride. Trusty now salvage that’s to employ thousands of bucks on eBay for a PS4 with the demo already put in. It’s as much as Konami whether they want to repair that or no longer, but I wouldn’t attend your breath.


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