AMA To Bulldoze Over 100 Illegal Constructions

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AMA To Bulldoze Over 100 Illegal Constructions

AMA To Bulldoze Over 100 Illegal Constructions

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has earmarked over 100 illegal constructions in the Kofikrom, a community at some stage in the Okaikoi South Sub-Metropolitan District for eliminating to avert perennial flooding. The exercise follows an recount from the La court after a chain of engagements between Public Smartly being Officers and squatters to vacate

the positioning attributable to the hazard their activities pose to public security. Head of Public Affairs of AMA, Gilbert Nii Ankrah, in an interview with the media indicated that attributable to the constructions on the storm drain coupled with the dumping of refuse into the drains, the Assembly used to be unable to successfully desilt the drain, inflicting flooding

anytime it rains. He illustrious occupants in the constructions additionally defecate in the drain inflicting the unfold of diseases and fascinating in illicit activities adding that just some of the occupants characteristic kraal under unhygienic instances with offensive odour and flies. He illustrious that there had been studies of how these form of squatters defecate

and throw it into some adjoining constructions, including companies such because the ECG Technical Office, Duraplast Firm exiguous and Ashfoam exiguous. We have got had alleged studies of how just a few of them jump into the nearby firm to make a decision on on a couple of occasions… Most of the constructions are believed to be dilapidated as brothels by intercourse

workers as successfully,  he added. Mr Nii Ankrah explained that the illegal constructions had created a remark of scare locally as they’ve consistently been shy by criminals who exhaust the constructions as their hideouts. He illustrious that the Assembly would transfer in to forcefully eject the occupants in the occasion that they fail to adhere to the notices served them adding that this used to be not the first time there had been been requested to vacate the positioning.

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