Consumer rights organisation warns of computer takeover scams

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Consumer rights organisation warns of computer takeover scams

Consumer rights organisation warns of computer takeover scams

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Customers warned to be on guard in opposition to criminals pretending to be IT strengthen staff to impact rep admission to to non-public banking knowledge

Karl Flinders


  • Karl Flinders,Emea Scream Editor, Pc Weekly

Revealed: 05 Nov 2020 11: 38

Which? has warned of us to be on their guard in opposition to fraudsters trying for to retract over their computer systems below the guise of tech strengthen workers.

The consumer rights organisation said bigger than £16m is stolen each year by criminals who impersonate tech strengthen workers at significant IT suppliers to disclose victims into giving them rep admission to to their computer systems. They then want knowledge that enables them to head on and raid bank accounts.

Which? also desires banks to refund extra customers who tumble prey to those scammers, with some victims claiming they weren’t reimbursed by their bank. It said that in some cases, banks claimed that customers had permitted the funds or had been grossly negligent.   

“Even though banks must refund unauthorised transactions, we’re responsive to cases the set the bank has said allowing a long way away rep admission to to your computer or smartphone amounts to scandalous negligence and refused to reimburse the victim,” said Which?.

The organisation is asking on banks to acknowledge the sophistication of many computer takeover scams and to reimburse harmless victims. “The executive must unruffled legislate to allow the most fresh voluntary code on bank switch scams to be changed with a new statutory code of discover,” it said.

Nationwide fraud and cyber crime reporting centre Lunge Fraud said it had got 14,893 computer machine service fraud reports within the past year, with reported losses reaching about £16.5m. 

“Awareness of this tech scam amongst patrons appears to be low,” said Which?, which conducted a latest see that came upon four in 10 of us had never heard of a long way away rep admission to machine.

Which? said that, in accordance with reports, TeamViewer is the a long way away rep admission to machine trace most misused by scammers, but others challenging AnyDesk, GoToAssist and LogMeIn have faith also been reported. 

Jenny Ross, cash editor at Which?, said tens of millions of pounds are misplaced to computer takeover scams yearly, with potentially devastating penalties for the victims.

“Which? is asking on banks to reimburse all harmless customers who tumble victim to those scams and for the executive to introduce legislation to produce sure that a new statutory code of discover might perchance perchance be created, which might perchance perchance perchance come with clear standards and protections for victims,” she said.

“Anybody who receives unsolicited calls claiming to be from tech strengthen or broadband engineers and asking for private essential factors or to set up computer machine must unruffled cling up and contact their provider encourage utilizing the legit phone amount.”

Which? says that while you happen to suspect you’re going to have faith given a long way away rep admission to to a scammer:

  • Switch off both the machine and your Wi-Fi connectivity. 
  • Recount to your banks as a topic of urgency.
  • Make a choice away the associated app out of your list of latest downloads or installed programs, and test for other programs which will had been installed remotely.
  • Trade your email and online banking passwords and, the set possible, allow two-element authentication. 
  • Whilst you’re going to have faith security machine, produce sure that it has all new and latest updates – then poke a beefy security scan.

Whilst you suspect you’re going to had been a victim of fraud, file it to Lunge Fraud online at or name 0300 123 2040.

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