DAB suggests monitoring our bodies for councillor oaths

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DAB suggests monitoring our bodies for councillor oaths

DAB suggests monitoring our bodies for councillor oaths

The DAB has known as for committees to be plan up to track whether or no longer district councillors are fulfilling the necessities of the oath of plan of industrial they’re expected to be ordered to absorb the conclude to future.

Closing week, the executive talked about this will rapidly desk amendments to the legislation that will enable the disqualification of councillors who violate their pledge of allegiance to the SAR and the Identical outdated Rules.

The DAB talked about it achieve ahead its recommendation of monitoring committees sooner or later of a assembly on Monday with Dwelling Affairs Secretary Casper Tsui, who’s a member of the legitimate-Beijing birthday celebration.

The DAB additionally submitted a letter co-signed by all 86 legitimate-executive district councillors worrying that the deliberate lawful changes be made as soon as that it’s possible you’ll maybe also take into consideration.

Edward Lau, a lawmaker from the birthday celebration, talked about the dwelling affairs minister needs to be accountable for the monitoring committees, and suggested they’d maybe also fair comprise of executive officials.

He additionally talked about Tsui became in agreement with the rest of the birthday celebration that the executive might maybe well also fair peaceable strip councils of their energy to allocate public funds.

Lau alleged that now the councils are dominated by the legitimate-democracy camp, they’ve been unhurried at hand out money.

Pro-democracy councillors recount the subject lies with executive officials who refuse to invent motions passed by councillors.


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