George Santos’s 11 Most Absurd Lies and Cons (That We Know About So Far)

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George Santos’s 11 Most Absurd Lies and Cons (That We Know About So Far)

George Santos’s 11 Most Absurd Lies and Cons (That We Know About So Far)

George Santos Claims He Won Gold at the ’76 Olympics.” “George Santos Says He Chanced on the Cure for Polio.” “George Santos Suggested Voter He Fought in the Innovative War.” When you happen to unfolded the score this day and noticed any of these headlines, at The Unusual York Cases, or BuzzFeed, or anyplace else, you potentially wouldn‘t be bowled over. Because that’s the build we are in the George Santos memoir arc. First, it used to be printed the newly elected congressman had lied referring to the build he went to college and the companies he worked for; now, on a shut to-day-to-day foundation, it comes out that Santos—who has defiantly refused to resign—has now not most efficient it appears lied about his biography and résumé however engaged in deeply atrocious, presumably prison habits. And in response, Republicans in Washington acquire rewarded him with precise positions of energy.

Anyway, because it’s certain the subsequent two years will seemingly be spent customarily finding out that the representative from Unusual York has infrequently never told the reality about anything, and ripped off a full bunch of people in the technique, it appears well-known to enjoy a running tally of his most ridiculous lies and deceptions. As Santos is clearly one of many shadiest other folks to ever be elected to Congress—which, given the these which were elected to Congress, is asserting something—this could well well positively be up previously, potentially by the hour.

Grandparents fled the Holocaust

Is there anything more vile, f–ked up, and shameless than claiming you had members of the family who were hunted by Hitler as he systemically murdered 6 million other folks? Don’t demand Santos that, on yarn of he would clearly investigate cross-test the quiz as a self-discipline. In 2021, the then candidate acknowledged in a campaign video that his “grandparents survived the Holocaust.” Several months later, speaking with the Jewish Files Syndicate, he acknowledged, “I’m very ecstatic with my grandparents’ memoir,” which he claimed integrated “fleeing Hitler.” Talking to Fox Files Digital, Santos, most most seemingly girding himself for getting caught in a lie, declared: “For a mode of these that are descendants of World War II refugees or survivors of the Holocaust, a mode of names and bureaucracy were modified in name of survival.” On the other hand, that would now not, if reality be told, seem like the case for Santos’s family. In step with genealogist Megan Smolenyak, who spoke to CNN, “There’s no signal of Jewish and/or Ukrainian heritage and no indication of name adjustments along the skill.” Meanwhile, fixed with CNN, more than one family tree files hide that his grandparents were born in Brazil.

His mother died as a results of 9/11

Santos’s campaign web space claimed that his mother “used to be in her place of job in the South Tower on 11th of September,” in conjunction with that she “handed away a few years later when she misplaced her wrestle to cancer.” On July 12, 2021, he wrote on Twitter: “9/11 claimed my moms life.” Whereas there acquire obviously been many these that acquire died as a results of the poisonous particles they inhaled on 9/11, NBC Files notes that despite the indisputable reality that Santos has claimed his mother used to be a monetary govt, “public employment files hide most efficient one employer for Santos’ mother: Imports by Rose, a firm based mostly fully mostly in Queens that shuttered in 1994.” There’s moreover the awkward topic of paperwork indicating she used to be in Brazil on the day of the attacks.

Volleyball basic particular person

One in all the first lies Santos bought caught in used to be claiming he had graduated from Baruch Faculty with degrees in economics and finance in 2010, a college he failed to even wait on. Objectively even funnier? The reality that Santos reportedly told more than one other folks that he used to be the “basic particular person” of the Baruch volleyball crew.

Incredibly, Santos went into even higher ingredient than that, asserting in a 2020 radio interview that he:

  • Attended Baruch on a volleyball scholarship
  • Used to be segment of the crew that “slayed” Yale and Harvard
  • Will acquire performed basketball however went with volleyball on yarn of “it used to be less complicated”
  • “Sacrificed both…knees” and “bought very nice knee replacements…from having fun with volleyball” on yarn of “that’s how serious I took the game”

Throughout the comparable interview, he moreover told the host: “We were champions all the plan in which by means of your total Northeast Corridor. Each and each faculty that came up against us, they were shaking at the time. And it’s silly. I used to be the smallest guy and I’m 6 [feet] 2.” Naturally, fixed with the Unusual York Put up, the Baruch males’s volleyball crew “never performed Yale at some stage in the length Santos claimed to acquire attended faculty there.”

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