GMA Destroys Picket Boats For Unlawful Bunkering

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GMA Destroys Picket Boats For Unlawful Bunkering

GMA Destroys Picket Boats For Unlawful Bunkering

The Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA) has toughened its clampdown on unlawful bunkering by destroying 20 jumbo canoes seized at the Dwelling Port of the Western Naval Expose. A joint Navy, the GMA and the Marine Police operation ended in the seizure of the boats, popularly is named “Dendey”, which are basically venerable for smuggling astronomical volumes of petroleum products for cash without

licence or allow to function such craft at the Takoradi anchorage in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis. The house owners of the vessels bolted real thru the operation and despite the seizure of their boats, maintain refused to avail themselves, leaving the GMA with no probability but to struggle thru the course of and raze the boats to support as a deterrent to completely different fancy-minded other folks.

Unlawful endeavor

Addressing journalists real thru the destruction of the boats, the Deputy Director-Total of the Ghana Maritime Authority, Daniel Appianin, acknowledged the jumbo-measurement boats were constructed purposely for unlawful bunkering actions, which had furthermore become a national security threat, to boot as loss of income to the Convey. He acknowledged per the law, any particular person or entity that wished to make and

function a boat or had an plan to form a boat or vessel venerable in the nation’s maritime arena required permission from the Convey (GMA). Nonetheless, he acknowledged as a consequence of the unlawful nature of their actions, the house owners of these jumbo canoes did no longer struggle thru the permitting course of, but utilized the unlawful replace under the duvet of darkness and by that, evaded paying tax.

The products

The products are known as ‘Remaining On-Board (ROB)’, because they are left in the vessels after the provide or after tanker vessels maintain pumped out their provide to the intended destinations. The ROB, largely between 10 and 20 tonnes, is then pumped out and illegally traded offshore without the payment of tax to

the Convey. Industry consultants explain it is a thriving commercial and has the probability of corrupting other folks because it has high profit margins, with the sellers making more than 100 per cent profit without tax. The petroleum products, largely diesel, are pumped from the merchant vessels at the anchorage the employ of specially made canoes designed for

that function, with the internal lined with plastic to lead certain of contamination and leakage. The gasoline is then transported to filling stations in the Takoradi Metropolis and completely different parts of the plight and sold to unsuspecting members of the public. The deputy director acknowledged the designers of the boats did no longer collect the important approval because “it does

no longer conform with the factors as required and the actions they employ the boats for are furthermore unlawful”. He explained that there were factual bunkering actions, but what the operators and their suppliers were engaged in became once unlawful. “If you happen to desire to pick out in importation and bunkering of gasoline products of any originate, the acknowledged persons or entities need to explore permission from authorities,” he acknowledged.


Mr Appianin, who’s furthermore accountable of Technical and Operations, acknowledged the GMA, after the seizure of the boats, sent circulars round in its quest to assemble the house owners to like up and “we carry on from there, but since the house owners are attentive to the law, they don’t near”. “We are, thus, destroying the boats to send a signal to completely different operators and to permit them to know that Ghana Navy, the GMA and the Marine Police group is aloof running offshore and can near after them and these arrested will seemingly be made to face the law,” he acknowledged.


In October 2011, crews on board some merchant and provide vessels that called at the Takoradi Port engaged in unlawful bunkering of astronomical volumes of petroleum products at the port’s anchorage.

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