‘Golfgate’ has damaged public’s ogle of Supreme Court, yell moral lecturers

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‘Golfgate’ has damaged public’s ogle of Supreme Court, yell moral lecturers

‘Golfgate’ has damaged public’s ogle of Supreme Court, yell moral lecturers

The absence of a statutory system for reprimanding judges doubtlessly potential that Mr Justice Séamus Woulfe can no longer be reprimanded without his consent, in step with moral lecturers who spoke to The Irish Times.

They additionally said that the controversy, including that introduced about by the transcript of Mr Justice Woulfe’s interview with retired chief justice Susan Denham, has been detrimental to public confidence within the Express’s top court docket.

Trinity Faculty Dublin graduate Patrick O’Brien, who lectures in legislation in Brookes Oxford University in England, said he used to be impressed by how the controversy has been handled to this point by the judiciary.

“What the judiciary has performed to this point mirrors what is completed in regard to judicial discipline in diverse worldwide locations, and what is envisaged within the Judicial Council Act,” he said.

The Irish Act used to be handed final 365 days but the structures that it provides for by manner of disciplining judges, including without their consent, non-public but to be put in quandary.

On the different hand, the ask to Ms Justice Denham to inquire into Mr Justice Woulfe’s attendance at the Oireachtas Golf Society dinner final August, and document serve to the Supreme Court, mirrored what used to be envisaged within the Act, he said.


He said that in most cases within the UK the job led to a resolve who used to be discovered to non-public acted improperly quickly consenting to a proper reprimand.

A resolve who finds himself a source of controversy “must in actual fact desire to procure his head serve out of the spotlight in actual fact, in actual fact quickly,” said Mr O’Brien, who recently co-authored a book on judicial independence within the UK.

“I mediate it’s a shame that he determined to again [his interview with Ms Justice Denham] with an principal senior counsel, and chase down the strict moral route, arguing in regards to the burden of proof and so forth, in a casual inquiry. I wouldn’t non-public concept that used to be entering the spirit of the ingredient.”

He said he concept the “spacious call” used to be the chance of the board of the Judicial Council to present Ms Justice Denham an indemnity after which submit her document, despite it being a non-statutory one. “They’ve successfully said, correctly, sue us then, and that will possible be a spacious ingredient.”

The board of the council, which comprises the heads of the a kind of courts, including the Chief Justice, Mr Justice Frank Clarke, published the document on Thursday.

On Friday it published some, though no longer all, of the appendices to the document, including the transcript of Mr Justice Woulfe’s first interview with Ms Justice Denham.

Second interview

A second interview, which he wanted she had given Mr Justice Woulfe a copy of her draft document, has no longer been published “because it relates to moral argument and submissions on a draft document”, in step with a assertion on Friday.

It magnificent brings serve the root of judges as an elite that are above the the same penalties as all people else

Laura Cahillane, a lecturer in legislation at Limerick University, said the controversy has “modified the story” in the case of the public’s ogle of the judiciary.

“I mediate our present Supreme Court non-public performed so powerful work in seeking to open up the court docket and Frank Clarke made that an goal at the open of his of tenure as Chief Justice.

“But one thing love this undermines all of that work that has been performed, on memoir of it magnificent brings serve the root of judges as an elite that are above the the same penalties as all people else.”

The notify material of the transcript has added to the controversy, on memoir of it added to the modified story, she said.

“As time passes this saga becomes an increasing selection of unedifying,” said NUI Galway Professor of Law Donncha O’Connell.

“Rather then its implications for the status of Mr Justice Woulfe, the transcript and now the [delay in resolving the controversy] are detrimental to public have confidence within the Supreme Court and its participants and, more in most cases, to public confidence within the administration of justice.”


An abject and accurate assertion of atonement after the Denham overview used to be published would doubtlessly were ample to restrict the damage introduced about by Mr Justice Woulfe’s attendance at the Golfgate dinner, had the transcript no longer printed that he regarded as if it can well well quiz the target justification for his long-established apology for having attended.

Prof O’Connell said that Mr Justice Woulfe (58), may per chance well well very correctly be on the Supreme Court bench for the following 12 years, a period right thru which it’ll also merely chop in dimension owing to the Court of Charm having been established.

“For that reason and for diverse causes, his response to the informal possibility job that has ensued from the Denham overview is of extreme importance to his non-public future as an apex court docket resolve, but additionally to the authority of the Supreme Court itself.”

Ronan McCrea, professor of constitutional and European legislation at University Faculty, London, said that final week “the ogle used to be that Mr Justice Woulfe would procure a slap on the wrist, verbally, from the Chief Justice, and magnificent rob it and chase on.”

If the controversy used to be now to drag on in an effort to open to undermine the Supreme Court, “there may per chance well well very correctly be light strain positioned on the resolve to chase for the sake of the institution, but we’re no longer at that stage but.”

He said it used to be accurate that some believed the transcript had added to the destructive publicity in regards to the court docket, but that a resolve may per chance well well no longer be punished for giving the solutions to an inquiry that he concept were appropriate.


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