‘Golfgate’ has damaged public’s ogle of Supreme Court, yelp honest lecturers

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‘Golfgate’ has damaged public’s ogle of Supreme Court, yelp honest lecturers

‘Golfgate’ has damaged public’s ogle of Supreme Court, yelp honest lecturers

The absence of a statutory plan for reprimanding judges potentially manner that Mr Justice Séamus Woulfe can’t be reprimanded without his consent, in accordance to honest lecturers who spoke to The Irish Occasions.

They furthermore stated that the controversy, including that prompted by the transcript of Mr Justice Woulfe’s interview with retired chief justice Susan Denham, has been harmful to public confidence in the Pronounce’s high court docket.

Trinity College Dublin graduate Patrick O’Brien, who lectures in law in Brookes Oxford University in England, stated he was as soon as impressed by how the controversy has been handled to this level by the judiciary.

“What the judiciary has done to this level mirrors what’s performed in regard to judicial discipline in other countries, and what’s envisaged in the Judicial Council Act,” he stated.

The Irish Act was as soon as passed final three hundred and sixty five days however the structures that it offers for in relation to disciplining judges, including without their consent, bear but to be assign aside in spot.

Nonetheless, the question of to Ms Justice Denham to query into Mr Justice Woulfe’s attendance on the Oireachtas Golf Society dinner final August, and sage again to the Supreme Court, mirrored what was as soon as envisaged in the Act, he stated.


He stated that step by step in the UK the formula resulted in a scheme halt who was as soon as found to bear acted improperly immediate consenting to a proper reprimand.

A scheme halt who finds himself a offer of controversy “can also silent in point of fact are looking for to obtain his head again out of the spotlight in point of fact, in point of fact immediate,” stated Mr O’Brien, who just not too long up to now co-authored a book on judicial independence in the UK.

“I beget it is miles a disgrace that he decided to aid [his interview with Ms Justice Denham] with an infamous senior counsel, and dash down the strict honest route, arguing relating to the burden of proof and so forth, in a casual inquiry. I wouldn’t bear idea that was as soon as entering the spirit of the part.”

He stated he idea the “extensive name” was as soon as the resolution of the board of the Judicial Council to offer Ms Justice Denham an indemnity and then publish her sage, despite it being a non-statutory one. “They’ve successfully stated, neatly, sue us then, and that would also very neatly be an limitless part.”

The board of the council, which includes the heads of the many courts, including the Chief Justice, Mr Justice Frank Clarke, published the sage on Thursday.

On Friday it published some, though not all, of the appendices to the sage, including the transcript of Mr Justice Woulfe’s first interview with Ms Justice Denham.

Second interview

A 2nd interview, which he sought after she had given Mr Justice Woulfe a copy of her draft sage, has not been published “because it relates to honest argument and submissions on a draft sage”, in accordance to a observation on Friday.

It honest brings again the premise of judges as an elite which can be above the same consequences as each person else

Laura Cahillane, a lecturer in law at Limerick University, stated the controversy has “modified the memoir” in relation to the final public’s ogle of the judiciary.

“I beget our present Supreme Court bear done so famous work in attempting to initiate up the court docket and Frank Clarke made that an procedure on the initiating of his of tenure as Chief Justice.

“But something admire this undermines all of that work that has been done, since it honest brings again the premise of judges as an elite which can be above the same consequences as each person else.”

The whine of the transcript has added to the controversy, since it added to the modified memoir, she stated.

“As time passes this saga turns into an increasing number of unedifying,” stated NUI Galway Professor of Rules Donncha O’Connell.

“As an alternative of its implications for the reputation of Mr Justice Woulfe, the transcript and now the [delay in resolving the controversy] are harmful to public belief in the Supreme Court and its members and, extra on the whole, to public confidence in the administration of justice.”


An abject and sincere observation of atonement after the Denham overview was as soon as published would potentially were enough to restrict the hurt prompted by Mr Justice Woulfe’s attendance on the Golfgate dinner, had the transcript not printed that he looked to ask the procedure justification for his celebrated apology for having attended.

Prof O’Connell stated that Mr Justice Woulfe (58), will likely be on the Supreme Court bench for the following 12 years, a length all over which it would also cleave in size owing to the Court of Charm having been established.

“For that cause and for other reasons, his response to the informal resolution course of that has ensued from the Denham overview is of extreme significance to his have future as an apex court docket scheme halt, however furthermore to the authority of the Supreme Court itself.”

Ronan McCrea, professor of constitutional and European law at University College, London, stated that final week “the ogle was as soon as that Mr Justice Woulfe would obtain a slap on the wrist, verbally, from the Chief Justice, and honest have interaction it and dash on.”

If the controversy was as soon as now to pull on in expose to delivery out to undermine the Supreme Court, “there will likely be mild rigidity placed on the scheme halt to head for the sake of the institution, however we’re not at that stage but.”

He stated it was as soon as honest that some believed the transcript had added to the harmful publicity relating to the court docket, however that a scheme halt can also not be punished for giving the solutions to an inquiry that he idea were applicable.


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