Gupta man equipped Eskom accurate officer Suzanne Daniels R800m to ‘aid’ hire pal. WATCH!

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Gupta man equipped Eskom accurate officer Suzanne Daniels R800m to ‘aid’ hire pal. WATCH!

Gupta man equipped Eskom accurate officer Suzanne Daniels R800m to ‘aid’ hire pal. WATCH!

Embattled energy utility Eskom appears to were frail as a pricey playground for the Guptas and their pals. Outdated faculty head of accurate and compliance Suzanne Daniels first came out as a whistleblower three years ago, when she bravely spoke out about corruption, fraud and political interference which used to be taking living in plump be taught of officials and politicians, including faded president Jacob Zuma, ex-minister of public enterprises, Lynne Brown, and the Eskom board. Daniels’ testimony at the Zondo Rate has additional published the extent of the rot at Eskom because the Guptas equipped bribes, arranged meetings to manual the relaxed job and hire and fireplace who they noticed match to enact their bidding. – Bernice Maune 

By Bernice Maune

 As Eskom continues to amass centre stage at the Whisper Purchase Rate of Inquiry, faded head of accurate and compliance Suzanne Daniels has made several allegations concerning to the running of the board. Daniels reported to Dr Ben Ngubane, who had taken over from Zola Tsotsi in 2015.

Daniels used to be promoted from company secretary to transfer of accurate and compliance in 2015. She has lifted the lid on the dealings with the Gupta family which plagued the board and the utility. Daniels has made allegations, detailed beneath about her faded colleagues and how she used to be equipped R800m by Gupta partner Salim Essa to bring aid then suspended head of technology and industrial Matshela Koko.

1. An email frail to keep in touch between Ben Ngubane, Suzanne Daniels and Salim Essa used to be allegedly living up by the ex-Eskom chairperson.

Essa frail this email to declare directions to the board on who to appoint, suspend and tricks on how to employ the energy utility’s funds. Daniels claims Essa despatched a draft resolution narrative outlining steps utter-owned enterprises may perchance well also aloof have in withdrawing all advertising and marketing from weekly publications.

“It’s obvious that Dr Ngubane launched the information portal email into the system,” mentioned Daniels.

2. Koko launched Daniels to Essa at a assembly in Melrose Arch in March 2015. 

“I was known as to Melrose Arch to fulfill with him spherical lunchtime. I waited for him at the restaurant known as J&B Rivers. He wished to discuss about obvious matters but he wasn’t particular. He mild me and we went across the avenue to an place of work constructing.

“I had at hand in my phone at reception. We waited in a boardroom. This gentleman walks in and introduces himself as Salim Essa and that he is the consultant to Minister Brown. I was moderately stunned on fable of I hadn’t heard of him sooner than. I seemed at Mr Koko and he sat there moderately cosy,” mentioned Daniels.

Essa then asked Daniels what they’d deserve to enact to suspend folks, relating to four Eskom executives. She replied she wasn’t a labour legal knowledgeable. She told him a in truth honest accurate motive used to be required and it wasn’t likely to ‘suspend will nilly’.

Essa sketched out that faded executives may perchance well be suspended, including Koko.

“I stare upon Matshela Koko and he is unfazed by this revelation. Essa continues to state me there may perchance well be an enquiry at Eskom and these executives may perchance well be suspended. At that stage, I was moderately disturbed. Even supposing I was a senior manager, I had no longer been exposed to this roughly in the aid of the scenes machinations.

“Koko used to be relaxed and he had a cooldrink. It used to be like an long-established conversation. I mentioned to him (Essa) here is no longer likely,” mentioned Daniels.

3. Gradual July 2017, Salim Essa communicates with Suzanne Daniels and offers R800m.

Koko allegedly arranges every other assembly with public enterprises minister Lynne Brown. Daniels says this assembly took living at the Trillian neighborhood of companies and she used to be made to sit down down down out of doors the boardroom all the arrangement in which via the assembly. She met Eric Wooden and seen the assembly between him and Koko.

After the assembly, Daniels alleges Essa enquires about why she used to be no longer supporting the return of Koko as Eskom CEO after he had been suspended as head of technology.

Daniels says Essa recited verbatim what she had mentioned at a assembly with the probability and audit committee. This disturbed her, as she later stumbled on out that Essa may perchance well also were on the dedication.

When told by Daniels that Koko used to be no longer match to speed the energy utility, Essa it sounds as if asked her to name her sign.

“Name your sign and we are in a position to enact whatever you utter. I mentioned ‘There’s no sign that will manufacture me enable you to obtain him aid.’ The next minute he says to me, I’ll come up with R800m in the event you aid us and we’ll enact whatever you utter,” mentioned Essa.

Daniels says she scoffed and burst out laughing, bought into her car and drove away.

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4. The vital introduction to Ajay Gupta is at his luxurious condominium.

“Salim Essa known as me. I was moderately stunned and morbidly unfamiliar as to why he would name me after I grew to change into him down. The dialogue used to be spherical the Molefe topic. ‘Brian goes to lose that topic, I mentioned.’ A coffee date used to be then arranged at the African Pleasure hotel. The assembly ended up being in a townhouse complex.”

“We walked accurate into a lounge-type dwelling… As he opened the door I then realised it used to be no longer an place of work it used to be an condominium. The curtains were drawn but in this room were Ajay Gupta, Duduzane Zuma, Minister Ben Martins and an Asian lady that I couldn’t set in mind her name. After introductions, discussions were held spherical the disciplinary hearings of suspended executives,” Daniels recounted.

A observation used to be made by Ajay Gupta which made Daniels realise the family used to be highly influential.

“This topic will be more uncomplicated to address when Nkosazana Zuma comes into energy.”

Daniels announces she noticed Gupta used to be dressed in an venerable t-shirt, tracksuit pants and used to be unshaven. This angered her as she felt that he acted like he owned the nation.

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5. An Eskom board member says they’re no longer happening alone.

In listless 2016, Daniels furnished faded public protector Thuli Madonsela with data of Eskom meetings. This angered the board as a number of the accounts of sitting participants were below investigation. Tensions escalated on the board with directors complaining in a assembly with Brown that they were categorized as politically exposed persons.

“Subsequent to that assembly belief to be a number of the board directors known as me and mentioned she used to be infected Nedbank used to be threatening to freeze her fable. ‘If these folks deem I’m happening alone they’ve every other element coming. Each person knows that here’s a Gupta board and I’ll manufacture certain that each person knows,” mentioned Daniels.

Check Suzanne Daniels plump testimony beneath and gawk her discuss about the assembly with Gupta frontman Salim Essa the place she is equipped R800m at the 4: 17: 00 to 4: 26: 24 imprint. 

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