Jon Stewart Publicizes Protection of Trump’s Arrest an “Myth F–king Media Fail”

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Jon Stewart Publicizes Protection of Trump’s Arrest an “Myth F–king Media Fail”

Jon Stewart Publicizes Protection of Trump’s Arrest an “Myth F–king Media Fail”

Jon Stewart used to be continuously going to skewer the historic arrest and arraignment of worn president Donald Trump. On the assorted hand, he bided his time till the season finale of his possess Apple TV+ portray, The Disclose With Jon Stewart, in preference to gifting the commentary to his worn Daily Exhibit dwelling.

The customary dreary-night host crashed Tuesday’s episode of The Daily Exhibit dressed as Giant name Wars personality Obi-Wan Kenobi, however didn’t present any takes on the indictment in his dialog with Roy Wood Jr., in its put joking about his persona as “the gleaming fable who mentors the young host.”

Nonetheless on Thursday, Stewart wasted no time tearing into the cable recordsdata media’s “jaded” protection of Trump’s arrest, playing a montage of anchors being let down by the anticlimactic proceedings. “Oh, had been you disappointed? Had been you uncomfortable?” Stewart asked. “Right here’s why: ensuing from you handled this like the last incompatibility with Thanos, and then it surely honest performed out like what it used to be, a dreary-as-shit correct route of at the very beginning of what goes on to be a protracted, drawn-out, laborious correct route of.” He added, “Nonetheless please proceed being let down by the expectations you motherfuckers created.”

This week the worn president used to be charged with 34 prison counts linked to the hush money charge made to porn huge name Stormy Daniels sooner than the 2016 election, and Stewart had some enjoyable with the amount of mentioned charge. “By the manner, does anybody—and here’s honest an off-topic thing—did anybody think $130,000 to Stormy Daniels appears to be like a tiny bit gentle? In this economic system?” he asked. “That’s honest a greenback make a selection no longer of this technology. That’s some shit like Taft or Coolidge would score pulled. Coolidge would’ve been like, ‘How about $130,000, or perhaps…hmm…a Model T?’”

Stewart performed just a few clips across MSNBC and CNN the put varied commentators known as Trump’s indictment “underwhelming” and “unimpressive.” “Handiest our media, those cloistered, fast-consideration-span, possess-ass-spelunking…” Stewart began earlier than pausing in an effort to add, “no, defenders of democracy, receive a president paying hush money to a Playboy mannequin and an grownup-movie huge name, and then cooking the books to wait on himself salvage an election, underwhelming and dreary.”

He went in for the last shatter by playing a clip of MSNBC personalities discussing why “the silence of Mitch McConnell—drop or no drop—speaks volumes,” earlier than declaring, “Myth fucking media fail!”

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