Listed right here are the suitable challenges Trump’s marketing campaign has filed to dispute the 2020 election results

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Listed right here are the suitable challenges Trump’s marketing campaign has filed to dispute the 2020 election results

Listed right here are the suitable challenges Trump’s marketing campaign has filed to dispute the 2020 election results

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  • President Donald Trump’s marketing campaign and Republican officers occupy filed a flurry of correct challenges as fragment of an effort to contest the results of the 2020 election even ahead of the flee has been called.
  • The promoting campaign filed complaints and motions to intervene in cases in plenty of battleground states in conjunction with Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada.
  • The Democratic nominee Joe Biden obtained Michigan and leads Trump in tight races in Arizona and Nevada. Trump holds a slim lead over Biden in Georgia and Pennsylvania.
  • Trump’s marketing campaign has also requested a enlighten in Wisconsin, which Biden obtained on Wednesday.
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The 2020 election hasn’t been called yet, however the Trump marketing campaign has already mounted correct challenges in plenty of battleground states because the president trails the Democratic nominee Joe Biden in electoral votes.

Biden currently has 253 electoral college votes, whereas Trump has 214. The susceptible vp picked up the upper midwestern battleground states of Michigan and Wisconsin earlier this week, and now, all eyes are on Pennsylvania the attach Trump leads Biden by roughly 64,000 votes however would possibly maybe perhaps flip in Biden’s desire as soon as all the ballots are counted.

Faced with the probability of shedding to a person he spent months hammering as substandard, doddering, and mentally uncomfortable, the president goes on offense, spreading lies and conspiracy theories a pair of “rigged” election marred by “main fraud” from Democrats.

He’s alternated between irritating some states end counting ballots, which he doesn’t occupy the vitality to enact, and announcing that others must nonetheless preserve counting, which they had been doing anyway. To that pause, the Trump marketing campaign has filed plenty of correct challenges in battleground states.

Right here’s a checklist of the complaints and the attach they stand:

  • Pennsylvania: The Trump marketing campaign looks to be zeroing in on this mumble as a correct battleground.
    • The promoting campaign and Republican National Committee filed a lawsuit asking a mumble appeals court to reject the Pennsylvania secretary of mumble’s announcement that registered voters occupy unless November 12 to make proof of identification for mail-in ballots. As an different, Republicans think concerning the deadline wants to be November 9.
    • Trump’s marketing campaign filed a lawsuit in federal district court asking a deem to rule that the Philadelphia County Board of Elections need to end counting ballots unless GOP marketing campaign observers had been gift. The deem denied the motion.
    • The promoting campaign filed a separate lawsuit asking a mumble court to allow election watchers to stand just a few toes closer to officers as they counted ballots. The promoting campaign obtained the lawsuit, and filed yet another suit later Thursday accusing metropolis officers of violating the deem’s account for and blocking poll watchers from watching the pollcounting direction of.
    • The Trump marketing campaign filed a motion to intervene in a mumble court lawsuit from Pennsylvania Republicans disputing the secretary of mumble’s resolution to allow voters to solid provisional ballots in person if their mail ballots had been horrid.
    • The Trump marketing campaign and RNC filed a lawsuit within the hunt for to toss out roughly 600 ballots because they didn’t occupy secrecy envelopes that are required below mumble legislation.
    • The promoting campaign filed a motion to intervene in an ongoing Supreme Court case introduced by Republicans which centers on the deadline in which Pennsylvania officers are allowed to receive ballots. The Pennsylvania mumble Supreme Court dominated that officers can receive ballots as much as November 6 as lengthy as they’re postmarked by Election Day. Republicans appealed the resolution to the excessive court, which became deadlocked at 4-4 because Justice Amy Coney Barrett didn’t favor part, and left the decrease court’s ruling in mumble for now.
  • Nevada
    • The Trump marketing campaign filed a lawsuit requesting that ballots end being counted within the mumble over concerns about signature-matching technology and election observers claiming they weren’t being allowed to search ballots being processed intently ample. The Nevada Supreme Court denied the demand.
  • Georgia
    • A deem in Chatham County denied the Trump marketing campaign’s demand to toss out 53 ballots that a GOP poll watcher mentioned arrived after polls closed at 7 p.m. on November 3. The Washington Put up reported that the poll watcher equipped no proof in court that the ballots got right here in leisurely, and county officers testified that they had been bought in time.
  • Michigan
    • A deem on the Michigan Court of Claims on Thursday denied the Trump marketing campaign’s demand to end ballots within the mumble from being counted. Scheme shut Cynthia Stephens pushed apart the case because she mentioned litigating the self-discipline didn’t impress sense given that ballots in Michigan occupy form of been entirely counted. Biden leads Trump by about 20,000 votes within the mumble and is projected to take dangle of its 16 electoral votes.
  • Arizona
    • The Trump marketing campaign joined in a lawsuit introduced by two Republicans in Maricopa County claiming that a stout number of GOP ballots had been invalidated because voters used Sharpies to occupy in their decisions. There would possibly maybe be no such thing as a proof that the use of Sharpies results in components with scanning ballots, and genuinely, officers occupy mentioned that the use of Sharpies is most well-most traditional. The Put up also reported that the Maricopa County lawyer’s mumble of enterprise mentioned no ballots had been rejected, and that within the occasion that they’re, voters occupy an opportunity to solid yet another one.

Key cases and court rulings


In Pennsylvania, the mumble Supreme Court dominated that election officers can receive unless November 6 as lengthy as they’re postmarked by Election Day. Republicans requested an instantaneous keep from the US Supreme Court that will occupy blocked the mumble Supreme Court’s ruling. 

However the US Supreme Court became deadlocked at 4-4, which left the decrease court’s ruling in mumble. Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito voted to grant Republicans’ demand, whereas Chief Justice John Roberts, and Justices Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan, and Sonia Sotomayor dissented. 

Justice Amy Coney Barrett declined to favor part within the case “thanks to the necessity for a advised resolution of it and because she has now no longer had time to absolutely evaluation the events’ filings,” the court mentioned in a statement. Nonetheless, Barrett has now no longer recused herself, which intention she would possibly maybe perhaps nonetheless solid a decisive fifth vote in either direction.

North Carolina

In a same case introduced by Republicans in North Carolina, the Supreme Court dominated that ballots bought as much as 9 days after November 3 would possibly maybe perhaps be counted as lengthy as they’re postmarked by Election Day.

The resolution got right here after the Trump marketing campaign and Republicans requested in two separate cases for the excessive court to position inspire in mumble a June deadline from the mumble’s Republican-managed legislature that will occupy allowed ballots to be counted easiest within the occasion that they had been bought as much as three days — now no longer 9 — after Election Day.

5 justices — Roberts, Kavanaugh, Breyer, Kagan, and Sotomayor — dominated towards reinstating the June deadline. Gorsuch, Alito, and Thomas dissented, whereas Barrett didn’t favor part within the North Carolina case.


Republicans notched a victory in a case provocative the deadline to receive ballots in Wisconsin, yet another battleground mumble on this 12 months’s election. The US Supreme Court dominated towards reviving an appeals court resolution that will occupy allowed election officers to receive absentee ballots as much as six days after Election Day.

The court’s 5 conservative justices — Roberts, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Thomas, and Alito — dominated towards reviving the decrease court’s ruling, whereas the three liberals — Breyer, Kagan, and Sotomayor — dissented.

The Wisconsin case made headlines thanks to Kavanaugh and Kagan’s dueling opinions within the topic.

Kavanaugh, a Trump-appointed justice who became confirmed to the excessive court in 2018, wrote in a concurring idea that every body ballots wants to be bought by Election Day. 

“Those States want to steer clear of the chaos and suspicions of impropriety that would possibly maybe perhaps ensue if thousands of absentee ballots traipse on the side of the stride in after election day and potentially flip the results of an election,” he wrote. “And those States also want in an effort to definitively boom the results of the election on election evening, or as quickly as that that you simply would possibly maybe perhaps also mediate of thereafter.”

Kagan fired inspire in a inspiring dissent, taking self-discipline with Kavanaugh’s assertion that the arrival of absentee ballots after Election Day would possibly maybe perhaps “flip” the results of the flee.

“Justice Kavanaugh alleges that ‘suspicions of impropriety’ will end result if ‘absentee ballots traipse on the side of the stride in after election day and potentially flip the results of an election,'” she wrote. “But there are now no longer any results to ‘flip’ unless all decent votes are counted. And nothing will be more ‘suspicio[us]’ or ‘improp[er]’ than refusing to tally votes as soon as the clock strikes 12 on election evening. To counsel in any other case, especially in these fractious times, is to disserve the electoral direction of.”


A federal court in Texas and the mumble’s Supreme Court denied two Republican requests to throw out near to 130,000 ballots that had been solid through force-via polling sites in Harris county, one of Texas’ most heavily Democratic areas. 

Over the weekend, the Texas Supreme Court rejected a requirement from Republican candidates and activists to toss the 127,000 force-via ballots solid in Harris County. On Monday, US District Scheme shut Andrew Hanen, appointed by President George W. Bush, reached the same conclusion and likewise denied the 2d demand from GOP candidates and a honest-waft radio host.

Hanen dominated that the plaintiffs didn’t occupy the standing to sue and ask that ballots that had been legally solid be discounted.

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