Mike and Karen Pence are homeless and seem like couch browsing their capacity by Indiana

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Mike and Karen Pence are homeless and seem like couch browsing their capacity by Indiana

Mike and Karen Pence are homeless and seem like couch browsing their capacity by Indiana
  • Republicans shut to frail Vice President Mike Pence instruct they cease no longer know where the frail 2d couple is now residing.
  • Pence and his wife Karen have not owned a home in a decade, and Indiana GOP sources instruct the frail 2d couple is couch-browsing in the intervening time between jobs and residences. 
  • “He would no longer maintain a home, he would no longer maintain wherever to are residing,” talked about one Trump handbook.
  • Allege over with Industry Insider’s homepage for added reports.

The audio system situation up on the tarmac of the Columbus Municipal Airport belted out the Hoosier State’s unofficial song — “Aid House All all over again in Indiana” — when Mike Pence landed there final week for the first time since he grew to became a frail vice chairman. 

“I’ve already promised Karen we’ll be shifting support to Indiana near this summer,” Pence suggested the assembled crowd in his fatherland that is rather lower than an hour’s power south of Indianapolis. “There is no longer any situation delight in home.”

But cautious Pence watchers couldn’t support but ogle he never talked about where “home” will be.

“He would no longer maintain a home, he would no longer maintain wherever to are residing,” one handbook to frail President Donald Trump suggested Insider.

The Trump handbook is one in every of a dozen Republicans shut with Pence’s interior circle who had been insecure that a frail vice chairman of america now has neither a home nor a job. Some even wondered if the Pences are now couch-browsing. 

Fixed with one source, the Pences are staying at the dolled-up cabin nearby that the Indiana governor uses as a retreat. If that is the case, they’d need permission to utilize the evening from Pence’s frail lieutenant governor, who now serves as governor, Eric Holcomb.

Two Republicans shut to the Pences talked about they heard that the frail 2d couple used to be staying at Pence’s brother’s situation in Columbus. 

The one component all people looks to be inch of is that when the Pences moved out of the vice chairman’s location at the US Naval Observatory in Washington, they’d nowhere to lunge. The frail 2d couple would no longer indubitably comprise a home. 


The Pences have not owned a home in a decade. Domicile hopping, in actual fact, has long been section of their lives as Pence charted a direction from conservative talk radio host to vice chairman of america. 

In 1987, after a day out to lunge attempting the local Republican kingmaker in Indianapolis, Mike and Karen Pence offered their modest single-family home reach Butler University so that they might possibly pass farther south into Indiana’s then-2d Congressional District. 

In 1999, after deciding to acquire his third and in the rupture first worthwhile bustle for Congress, the Pences moved all all over again from Indianapolis. They offered a single family home about an hour’s power south in Edinburgh, Indiana, contained in the redrawn boundaries of the jabber’s 2d District that he went on to state.  

After worthwhile his 2000 mosey for Congress, the Pences lived in Washington for approximately a decade sooner than returning fulltime to Indiana to bustle for governor. But as a substitute of shifting support to the Edinburgh home they’d left a decade earlier, they rented in a ritzy enclave on the northeast aspect of Indianapolis.

Pence’s financial disclosures filed when he used to be a congressman, show that he wasn’t paying a mortgage from 2007 onward. Alternatively in 2008, Pence reported receiving rental income of at the least $2,500 from a location in Columbus, Indiana.

It be no longer certain when precisely they offered their Edinburgh location.

Pence’s vice presidential financial disclosure forms — he filed four of them since becoming a member of with Trump in July 2016 —  cease no longer show him owning any property, including a home in Edinburgh.

One Pence aide celebrated that the Pences might possibly be splitting their time between Washington and Indiana for the subsequent six months, sooner than completely shifting support to Indiana. But the aide declined to issue where precisely they might possibly be staying. 

A spokeswoman for Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb didn’t reply to questions of whether Holcomb, who used to be Pence’s lieutenant governor, needed to log out on any cease by the Pences. Pence presided over $162,000 in renovations to the cabin six years ago, when he used to be governor. 

Mike Pence, Karen Pence Christmas 2017

Mike Pence and his wife Karen of their 2017 official holiday portrait taken at the vice chairman’s location.

Decent White House Photo by Myles Cullen

Gargantuan choices forward

The Pences maintain many choices to acquire now that they are out of the White House past simply finding a situation to are residing. They also desire to salvage some work while they mediate how and if to situation a direction for a uncover for the Republican nomination for president in 2024. 

Quickly after the election, the Pences had been deciding which aides would cease on with them after he left office. The ex-vice chairman has also been eyeing a situation at the helm of Christian Appropriate colleges delight in both Hillsdale College in Michigan or the embattled Liberty University in Virginia.

Taking on as president of Liberty University would give Pence a nice paycheck (frail Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. earned bigger than $1 million a twelve months). It might possibly even give him a solid political perch with religious evangelicals as the Republican Occasion dives deeper accurate into a civil battle, two Republicans shut to the Pences suggested Insider.

The Pences’ housing predicament used to be extra of reasonably of Indiana political minutiae for years. But it took on fresh prominence all the design by the pandemic. As Pence and Trump fought to discontinue states from allowing mail-in voting as a security measure to give protection to against the coronavirus, Trump and Pence each and each solid their ballots by mail.

Trump voted the usage of his private South Florida membership as a well-known take care of. Pence voted list the Indiana governor’s mansion as his location, despite no longer having lived there in four years. Pence’s upright counsel at the time certain that voting below the auspices of the governor’s mansion used to be upright despite the political chance that it looked irregular while he and Trump fought mail-in voting.

mike pence

Vice President Mike Pence presides over a joint session of Congress to certify the 2020 Electoral College outcomes after supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol earlier in the day on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021.

Erin Schaff/AFP by capacity of Getty Photos

Security a predicament 

Past normal financial concerns, Republicans who spoke with Insider also talked about they wondered whether Pence and his group are carefully guarding their fresh abode due to the the wave of loss of life threats he faced simply three weeks ago. 

The Trump-incited mob that stormed the Capitol earlier this month shouted that they desired to hang Pence, and among the oldsters got right here interior about 100 feet of confronting him and his family as they had been hurried to a accumulate situation in the Capitol. A official-Trump attorney also publicly threatened execution by firing squad for Pence unless the frail vice chairman helped Trump toss out the election outcomes.

As the Pences acquire a home out of doors Washington, they might be able to preserve their secret carrier protection for one other six months.

“That might possibly acquire sense,” one Indiana Republican talked about of safety concerns for the frail vice chairman. “They desired to hang him in the Capitol.”

Trump advisors suggested Insider that Trump’s relationship with Pence has been nearly non-existent since Pence selected to aspect with the Structure over Trump. And activists on the a long way correct quiet blame Pence for no longer helping Trump overturn the election outcomes. 

Republicans shut to the frail vice chairman suggested Insider they’re no longer certain whether Pence has a future in the GOP pondering tall swaths of Republicans quiet make stronger Trump and comprise Democrats stole the 2020 election. 

The beneficiary of public housing

Indiana Republicans maintain joked that Pence has been the beneficiary of public housing for eight years. 

Pence earned a salary of nearly $112,000 when he served as Indiana governor. He also received four years of free housing at the governor’s mansion (his predecessor, frail Gov. Mitch Daniels, eschewed the free housing all the design by his eight years in office.) 

As vice chairman, Pence earned a salary of $230,700 a twelve months. He also basked in the many accoutrements that near with the office from the US taxpayer-funded location at the US Naval Observatory to world disappear by capacity of Air Force Two. 

Whereas in office, Karen Pence and their oldest daughter Charlotte Pence Bond, made a cottage industry out of publishing a series of children’s books about their pet bunny by the conservative publishing home Regnery. 

The Pences reported earning as a lot as $50,000 on their first book, “Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President,” and donated the proceeds to art therapy and nonprofit combating human sex trafficking, consistent with the Current York Put up.

The Pences didn’t expose the advances they earned on every book, consistent with the frail vice chairman’s 2020 financial disclosure.

In the midst of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, Pence incurred $500,000 in upright charges. Political donors paid the attorneys, USA Right this moment reported final twelve months. 

Number 1 Observatory Circle - VP Residence  - DC

The US Vice President’s Put is viewed at the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, October 15, 2015.

Saul Loeb/AFP by capacity of Getty Photos

Turning to Trump for charity 

The Pences maintain also struggled to create a accumulate nest egg while paying for his or her three children’s student loans and struggling by financial hardships. 

The vetting group that Trump assembled to be taught Pence four years ago even celebrated this: The Pences maintain never struck it rich, and even had some cash troubles previously.

Quickly sooner than his first bustle for Congress, Pence’s finest friend from college lost them about a million bucks in a infamous investment. About two an extended time later, they lost about $700,000 when the family oil company, bustle by Pence’s oldest brother Greg Pence, went bankrupt. And when the Pences returned to Washington to affix the Trump administration, they sought financial assist from Trump to pay for residing bills. 

Quickly sooner than the 2017 inauguration, Trump’s inaugural committee donated $750,000 to the charity fund which operates the vice chairman’s location. A frail Trump campaign handbook talked about the cash used to be to quilt residing bills for Mike and Karen Pence, but a Pence handbook talked about it went toward fresh furniture for the placement after the Bidens moved out with their furniture at the discontinue of the Obama administration. 

The Pences, after all, well-known at the least a bed to sleep in. 


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