Naira redesign: Buhari directs CBN to recirculate broken-down N200 bills 

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Naira redesign: Buhari directs CBN to recirculate broken-down N200 bills 

Naira redesign: Buhari directs CBN to recirculate broken-down N200 bills 

… Says N500, N1000 notes not apt soft

Obiora Ifoh, Abuja

President Muhammadu Buhari in a nationwide broadcast, Thursday has given approval to the Central Monetary institution of Nigeria CBN to position succor into circulation the broken-down N200 forex earlier withdrawn.

In accordance to the president, this speak became to abet ameliorate the sufferings being witnessed by a colossal share of the populace occasioned by the scarcity of funds.

The president on the opposite hand, insists that the broken-down N500 and N1000 bills will not be a apt soft and can supreme be redeemable in the CBN.

Below is the corpulent text of the president’s take care of to the nation:


My Dear Compatriots,

          I own came across it well-known to take care of you on the present time, on the squawk of the nation and to render legend on the efforts of our administration to retain and make stronger our economy, pork up the fight against corruption and retain our beneficial properties in the fight against terrorism and insecurity which has, indubitably, been impacted by a couple of internal and exterior components.

2.      Particularly, I’m addressing you, as your democratically elected President, to determine with you and utter my sympathy, over the difficulties being experienced as we continue the implementation of fresh financial insurance policies, aimed at boosting our economy and tightening of the loopholes associated with money laundering.

3.      Let me re-guarantee Nigerians, that strengthening our economy, bettering safety and blockage of leakages associated with illicit financial flows remain top precedence of our administration. And I shall remain committed to my oath of defending and advancing the curiosity of Nigerians and the nation, at all instances.

4.      Within the final quarter of 2022, I popular the Central Monetary institution of Nigeria (CBN) to revamp the N200, N500, and N1000 Nigerian banknotes.

5.      For a quiet transition, I similarly authorized that the redesigned banknotes can own to bound similtaneously with the broken-down financial institution notes, till  31 January 2023, earlier than the broken-down notes, stop to be apt soft.

6.      In appreciation of the systemic and human difficulties encountered at some stage in implementation and primarily based on the allure of all voters, an extension of ten days became authorized till Tenth February, 2023 for the completion of the job. All these activities are being applied at some stage in the ambit of the Constitution, the relevant regulations under the CBN Act 2007 and in accordance with world most efficient practices.

7.      Fellow voters, whereas I search for your working out and persistence at some stage in this transient share of implementation, I feel obliged to avail you a pair of severe parts underpinning the coverage decision. These encompass:

a.           The must restore the statutory capability of the CBN to preserve a agency adjust over money in circulation. In 2015 when this administration commenced its first timeframe, Currency-in-Circulation became supreme N1.4trillion.

b.           The proportion of forex outdoors banks grew from 78%in 2015 to 85% in 2022. As of October 2022, therefore, forex in circulation had risen to N3.23 trillion; out of which supreme N500 billion became at some stage in the Banking Design whereas N2.7 trillion remained  completely outdoors the system; thereby distorting the financial coverage and efficient management of inflation;

c.           The gargantuan volume of Monetary institution Notes outdoors the banking system has proven to be almost unavailable for economic activities and by implication, retard the attainment of capability economic order;

d.           Economic order projections glean it imperative for  government to purpose at expanding financial inclusion in the country by cutting again the assortment of the unbanked population; and

e.           Given the existing safety topic across the country, which retains bettering, it also becomes compelling for government to deepen its continuing make stronger for safety companies to successfully fight banditry and ransom-taking in Nigeria

8.      However the preliminary setbacks experienced, the evaluate and solutions mechanism setup has printed that beneficial properties own emerged from the coverage initiative.

9.      I had been reliably told that for the reason that graduation of this program, about N2.1 trillion out of the banknotes beforehand held outdoors the banking system, had been successfully retrieved.

10.    This represents about 80% of such funds. Within the short to medium and prolonged phrases, therefore, it’s expected that there would be:

a.   A strengthening of our macroeconomic parameters;

b.   Reduction of colossal money provide main to a deceleration of the price of cash in the economy which would per chance own to lead to less stress on domestic costs;

c.   Reducing of Inflation as a outcomes of the accompanying decline in the money provide that can unhurried the tempo of inflation;

d.   Give plan of Illegal Economic Actions which would possibly per chance well abet to stem corruption and acquisition of cash thru unlawful programs;

e.   Replace Charge stability;

f.     Availability of Easy Loans and reducing of curiosity rates; and

g.   Bigger visibility and transparency of our financial actions translating to efficient enforcement of our anti-money laundering regulations.

11.    I’m not ignorant of the constraints placed on the route of harmless Nigerians by unscrupulous officers in the banking industry, entrusted with the job of implementation of the fresh financial coverage. I’m deeply pained and sincerely sympathise with you all, over these unintended outcomes.

12.    To stem this tide, I own directed the CBN to deploy all official resources and apt methodology to glean definite that our voters are adequately educated on the coverage;  revel in mercurial entry to money withdrawal thru availability of appropriate quantity of forex; and abilities to glean deposits.

13.    I own similarly directed that the CBN can own to intensify collaboration with anti-corruption companies, so as to glean definite that any institution or particular person(s) came across to own impeded or sabotaged the implementation can own to be made to undergo the corpulent weight of the regulations.

14.    For the length of the extended share of the reduce-off date for forex swap, I listened to purposeful pieces of recommendation from effectively that methodology voters and institutions across the nation.

15.    I similarly consulted broadly with representatives of the Convey Governors as well to the Council of Convey. Above all, as an administration that respects the rule of thumb of regulations, I own also noted that the topic topic is earlier than the courts of our land and a few pronouncements had been made.

16.    To extra ease the provision pressures, specifically to our voters, I own given approval to the CBN that the broken-down N200 financial institution notes be released succor into circulation and that it would possibly per chance well even be allowed to bound as apt soft with the fresh N200, N500, and N1000 banknotes for 60 days from February 10, 2023, to April 10, 2023, when the broken-down N200 notes stop to be apt soft.

17.    Per Fraction 20(3) of the CBN Act 2007, all fresh broken-down N1000 and N500 notes remain redeemable on the CBN and designated parts.

18.    Occupied with the health of our economy and the legacy we must bequeath to the following administration and future generations of Nigerians, I admonish every citizen to strive more durable to glean their deposits by taking good thing in regards to the platforms and windows being supplied by the CBN.

19.    Let me guarantee Nigerians that our administration will continue to evaluate the implementation with a search to ensuring that Nigerians are not unnecessarily confused. On this regard, the CBN shall  glean definite that fresh notes turn out to be more on hand and accessible to our voters thru the banks.

20.    I must once once more allure for your working out till we overcome this complex transient share at some stage in the shortest conceivable time.

21.    Fellow voters, on the Twenty fifth of February, 2023 the nation would be electing a fresh President and National Assembly contributors. I’m mindful that this fresh financial coverage has also contributed immensely to the minimization of the have an effect on of cash in politics.

22.    That is a obvious departure from the past and represents a plucky legacy step by this administration, toward laying a robust foundation without cost and good-attempting elections.

23.    I beg every citizen, therefore, to head out to vote for their candidates of desire without misfortune, because safety shall be supplied and your vote shall depend.

24.    I on the opposite hand admonish you to eschew violence and steer certain of actions in a position to disrupting the electoral processes. I need us all a profitable Frequent Election.

Thanks for listening. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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