Namibia: Parliament Is of the same opinion to Investigate Soft-Awarding Processes

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Namibia: Parliament Is of the same opinion to Investigate Soft-Awarding Processes

Namibia: Parliament Is of the same opinion to Investigate Soft-Awarding Processes

The National Meeting this week agreed to analyze the Central Procurement Board of Namibia’s gentle-awarding processes, collectively with the apt framework.

Standard Democratic Chase (PDM) lawmaker Nico Smit tabled a skedaddle in parliament final month calling for an investigation into the procurement activity.

The target of the investigation is to impart any areas that require improvement, particularly within the deliver of due diligence, to catch the general public’s self assurance and belief within the procurement board.

While motivating the topic titled ‘All Aspects of the Procedures Dictating Soft Awarding Direction of of the CPBN’ in parliament, Smit talked about the CPBN has been on the centre of frequent public debate and controversy.

Following a public outcry, the procurement board used to be compelled to withdraw N$650 million health present gentle this year.

Amnics Buying and selling used to be to be awarded a multimillion-dollar two-year contract to build up clinical products value N$400 million for surgical gloves and N$111 million for condoms and a lot of medical presents.

It used to be allotment of the health ministry’s N$2,8 billion health gentle.

As such, Smit talked about it used to be severe that the procurement board no longer only receives priority on the very best stage, but that it’s miles also reviewed and enhanced generally.

“The Central Procurement Board of Namibia is a gate of kinds for taxpayers’ cash, for which we were charged to behave as custodians, to be obvious price for each dollar, and to meet the wants of the Namibian of us,” he talked about.

“We read allegations of the manipulation of the procurement activity to permit for emergency procurement, and we hear of intensive and frequent non-compliance, ad infinitum end result,” talked about Smit.

Well being minister Kalumbi Shangula has backed the investigation.

He talked about a intellectual portion of his ministry’s budget is disbursed for the procurement of clinical presents, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

Shangula talked about a lot of the health ministry’s procurement actions are managed by the CPBN since they exceed the N$25 million threshold stipulated by the Public Procurement Act of 2015.

The skedaddle on all apt facets of the CPBN’s gentle awarding activity will now be referred to the parliamentary standing committee on public accounts for extra scrutiny.

Acting parliament spokesperson Raphael Hangula suggested The Namibian on Wednesday once a skedaddle is adopted, it signifies that the assembly has agreed to achieve or implement what the skedaddle requests.

He talked about the connected committee will device to a resolution the finest device to address the proposal.

This would possibly presumably well involve calling the CPBN board of directors and administration to appear earlier than the committee to answer to questions, moreover conserving public hearings earlier than reporting relief to the dwelling for a resolution.

In the intervening time, Smit, a member of the general public accounts committee, suggested The Namibian on Wednesday that the committee will effect a query to the auditor total’s office handle the investigation.

The lawmaker has dedicated to seeing the investigation thru and has talked about that after the committee receives the auditors’ findings, he’ll suggest a public hearing.

“Sooner than we submit the document to the National Meeting, I will form of suggest we now bear a public hearing.

“Summon the procurement board for a public hearing, and we are in a position to demand them,” Smit talked about.

“The rationale I will effect a query to a public hearing is that when it’s miles a public hearing, they are beneath oath. They took the oath, and if they lie, we are in a position to price them for perjury.”

Auditor total Junias Kandjeke suggested The Namibian final month that a lot of parliaments bear effect mechanisms in deliver to be obvious accountability within the general public sector.

He cited Kenya, which established an implementation committee in its parliament.

Other worldwide locations love Uganda and Ghana bear long previous to extremes the place public officers would possibly presumably well additionally additionally be arrested all the blueprint thru public hearings for failing to memoir, he talked about.

“However with us, I feel what must aloof be accomplished is for folks to be severe with their work. We don’t must arrest of us and kind them afraid, but they must real attain their work and memoir,” he talked about.

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