Ontario Energy Board warns of scammers impersonating its staff

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Ontario Energy Board warns of scammers impersonating its staff

Ontario Energy Board warns of scammers impersonating its staff

Door-to-door sales were banned in Ontario since March 2018, nonetheless that’s now not stopping aggressive sales staff from pitching costly long-duration of time condominium contracts for objects admire furnaces and air conditioners.

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) says these scammers are now impersonating its staff.

“We know there are some rotten actors available within the market who are the usage of our emblems to either impersonate us or are trying to lend credibility to their scams,” Harneet Panesar, Chief Operating Officer with OEB, told CTV Data Toronto.

In line with Panesar, scammers are pretending to be with the OEB and are offering free govt rebates that don’t exist.

The pitch could well either near as a telephone call or a knock on the door from somebody claiming that you just would be succesful to well presumably be eligible for rebates.

The OEB doesn’t poke door-to-door and doesn’t provide rebates. Once internal, the scammer will are trying to ranking the homeowner to signal long-duration of time condominium agreements for furnaces, air conditioners, air filtration programs, water heaters, water filters, water softeners, or insulation.

“If somebody knocks on your door soliciting for a dwelling visit or inspection, handsome bid no, and all of us know in a range of those interactions they’ll ranking reasonably aggressive. So, if that happens, call the police,” Panesar said.

OEB said scammers are also sending textual grunt material messages with links promising funds, making threats of disconnecting energy and attempting for a tall rate.

Scammers are also impersonating utility corporations. Alectra Utilities tells CTV Data Toronto some of its prospects ranking lost money to the disconnection rip-off.

“Scammers will call our prospects pretending to be us and threaten rapid disconnection of energy. Alectra Utilities doesn’t end this. We don’t disconnect identical day and we’re going to continually provide you ample time to call us straight to buy a search for at and work issues out,” Ashley Trachef of Alectra Utilities said.

Whenever you ranking a call from any person claiming to be with a utility company, grasp up and ranking in contact at the side of your provider straight at its customer support number.

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