Prairie Megastar Nationwide says it is not a ‘sovereign electorate’ organization as referred to in court docket

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Prairie Megastar Nationwide says it is not a ‘sovereign electorate’ organization as referred to in court docket

Prairie Megastar Nationwide says it is not a ‘sovereign electorate’ organization as referred to in court docket

Food Safety News closing year referred to Prairie Megastar Nationwide Belief as a “sovereign electorate” organization after a court docket historical the term in the Amos Miller case, which states that Miller has illegally sold meat with out authorities inspection.

Megastar Nationwide has reached out to Food Safety News to opine that it has nothing negative to claim about our coverage of the Miller case.

However, the organization had hundreds to claim about a few of the terminologies that Food Safety News historical after the team bought engaging with the Miller case. “We are in point of truth a ‘Regulations Indicate’ for American citizens, potentially more vested in ‘law’ than most law companies,” it said in taking exception to being known as a “sovereign electorate” organization.

“First of all, you of all of us ought to know that calling somebody or a team a ‘sovereign citizen’ is an oxymoron. No person may maybe even be ‘sovereign’ and a ‘citizen/Citizen’ on the identical time,” Megastar Nationwide said on Food Safety News commentary line. “You don’t even wish to be a journalist to earn it unbiased — all you have to stay is earn a dictionary and LOOK UP THE DEFINITION OF THE WORDS.”

“A sovereign solutions to no one. A citizen/Citizen solutions to somebody or one thing ALWAYS,” it persevered. The Megastar Nationwide look is that most of us in the US are corporate electorate that must acknowledge to the “Admiralty Courts” and our obligation is to the Pronounce. “You ought to no longer and can no longer be a “sovereign” and an “American,” per Megastar Nationwide.

“You’re a Municipal United States ‘Company’ Citizen, a citizen/Citizen of the International (British) United States Provider Company, it is seemingly you’ll even only be one or the other,” it adds.

Megastar Nationwide claims its brief involvement in the Miller case established Amos and his important other Rachel as American citizens by initiating. It says the U.S. Division of Agriculture is no longer the authorities, but a non-governmental organization with a DUNSS quantity. It’s an agency of the British Products and companies Company providing companies to the American of us, per the organization. Megastar Nationwide says USDA is no longer sovereign and carries no more authority than McDonald’s.

The USDA, since 2016, has filed civil actions to power Miller’s compliance with federal meat and poultry food safety licensed guidelines and guidelines. Miller and his Miller’s Natural Farm had been stumbled on distributing meat and poultry that changed into once no longer USDA inspected. The most up-to-date civil action to bring him into compliance dates back to 2019.

Miller is from Fowl-In-Hand, PA. The total litigation has been in U.S. District Court for Eastern Pennsylvania. Megastar Nationwide views the District Court as “no longer phase of an agency of the US of The US.” But as a change as a “foreign corporation” performing via The US’s court docket system.

The District Court in the Megastar Nationwide look is nothing bigger than a non-governmental organization and in order that they cite the very accurate, but very refined Clearfield Doctrine as their provide, which the Supreme Court determined in 1943. It concerns when authorities entities feature as companies and lose their sovereign web web exclaim and then ought to be governed as a mere corporate entity

Megastar Nationwide sees Miller Natural Farm LLC as the most sensible seemingly expert defendant in the serene civil action. “Amos Smooth Miller is no longer an organization; he’s an ‘American’ and NOT A U.S. CITIZEN, no longer a citizen of the US authorities,” it says.

It says Miller would no longer relish a contract with the Court or USDA. Megastar Nationwide would no longer search for any automatic jurisdiction by the District Court. Searching on the of the Miller case, Megastar Nationwide gathered may maybe well per chance “challenge the jurisdiction of the Court.” It has requested USDA to fabricate its contract with the US of The US.

A couple of year in the past, Miller desired to fireplace his Dallas licensed professional Steven LaFuente and usher in Prairie Megastar Nationwide. Non-attorneys need to no longer allowed to symbolize others in Federal Court and Megastar Nationwide changed into once no longer allowed into the case. And LaFuente changed into once no longer pushed aside as Miller’s counsel except late in 2022 when licensed professional Robert E. Barnes Esq. of Los Angeles took over.

As 2023 opened, Barnes has had his client on a compliance be conscious no longer viewed since unbiased sooner than Miller first tried to fireplace LaFuente. If Miller follows via, he’ll steer sure of civil imprisonment and decrease fines now pegged at $300,000.

However the U.S. District Court for Eastern Pennsylvania at Easton sooner than federal Attain to a resolution Edward G. Smith has outlined what Miller needs to stay. It’s point to in the “2d consent decree” filed by Barnes, and authorities attorneys.

It’s miles an alternative to enforce the Court’s permanent injunction against Miller and Miller’s Natural Farm. That first injunction prohibits violations of the federal Meat and Poultry Acts and changed into once entered on April 26, 2020

The serene Court paperwork now demand Miller to pay $30,000 into the Court’s registry internal 10 days after the “2nd Consent Decree” changed into once signed. It says:

“This sum will seemingly be historical to reimburse: a) Mr. Lapsley’s costs and charges to this point; b) the U.S. Marshall’s Provider’s costs/costs for accompanying Mr. Lapsley on his March 17, 2022 farm space seek the advice of with; and c) Mr. Lapsley’s ongoing costs and charges in reporting on compliance with certain phrases of this 2nd Consent Decree and the 2nd Contempt Sanctions Present.”

Lapsley is an agriculture expert the Court has assigned to the case.

One other $55,065 Miller owes USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Provider (FSIS) for the agency investigative work ought to be paid in two installments. The main $27,543 is due Jan. 15, 2023; and the 2d charge of $27,543 ought to be changed into in on the U.S. Criminal professional’s place of job by April 15, 2023.

There are also some non-financial info that Miller needs to follow.

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