Public, caution against 'Is that you in the video' scam?

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Public, caution against 'Is that you in the video' scam?

Public, caution against 'Is that you in the video' scam?

November 8, 2022 12:24am GMT+08:00

Authorities are warning the public against the spread of ‘Are you in the video’ which is said to be a scam. Warning to those who receive this message, do not press the “link” because your Fb may be hacked and checking memoir important aspects.

In a report by Mariz Umali on GMA News “24 Oras” this Monday, Marites Mendoza was said to be one of those who received such a message, which came directly from her friend.

The message could have attached a “link” that looked like a video, and he didn’t suspect it because he knew the sender.

Mendoza said he clicked on the link to check what the video was referring to and if it was him. What he doesn’t know…

“When I clicked on it, there was no video. It happened all of a sudden, when I clicked on… all of a sudden my messenger disappeared and then my Facebook. I repeated, I said what happened why that. ‘Oh mom, you’ve been hacked,’” he said.

By pressing the link, the hacker took control of his messenger and the hacker allegedly demanded money from his acquaintances.

“Many people called me because they were shocked because it is not my job to send G-cash,” said Mendoza.

“Could those who chatted with my wife and my children, they chatted with me, that’s what they asked for. Then they would possibly even tell me that they also sent that amount, I said it wasn’t me. It doesn’t matter if they asked a few people… maybe one P2,000, would possibly even P500, would possibly even P300 and then would possibly even P800,” he added.

He immediately posted and announced on social media that his memoir had been hacked so that no one else would be fooled. Also his brother, would possibly even have received a link to the textual train which is said to be an invitation to the raffle.

When the link was clicked, its Fb was also hacked.

The Philippine Nationwide Police-Anti-Cybercrime Community said that a type of scam is spreading “Are you in the video?”

“This is what we call a phishing link and when you click on it, robotically, because it goes to download to your plot and he will take what is kind of that program,” explained PNP-ACG spokesperson Police Lieutenant Colonel Jay Guillermo.

“What can be obtained? I said it would possibly perhaps furthermore be a checking memoir, it would possibly perhaps perhaps furthermore be password of your checking memoir, it would possibly perhaps perhaps furthermore be one-time password of your checking memoir. That’s the motive for that. Unknowingly, those are the ones they are targeting but there are some applications whereby they would possibly even bewitch as I said earlier, sensitive movies in case you can deserve to your devices. If they are secrets, what are the footages,” he added.

Meanwhile, others are being threatened, as reported by Guillermo’s classmate.

According to the PNP-ACG, they received up to 118 complaints within three months. But it is possible that many more were victimized and got money that did not reach them.

If you are a victim, report immediately to the Fb memoir or net residing of the PNP-ACG or any police office. —Mel Matthew Doctor/FRJ, GMA Constructed-in News

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