‘Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story’ Actors Pratik Gandhi And Shreya Dhanwanthary Talk Making the Series, Adapting to Their Roles and More

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‘Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story’ Actors Pratik Gandhi And Shreya Dhanwanthary Talk Making the Series, Adapting to Their Roles and More

‘Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story’ Actors Pratik Gandhi And Shreya Dhanwanthary Talk Making the Series, Adapting to Their Roles and More

The crime drama retells notion to be one of India’s most illustrious debacles, basically basically based on the 1993 book ‘The Scam: Who Received, who Misplaced, who Bought Away’ by journalist Sucheta Dalal and Debashish Basu

Within the occasion you adopted the Indian stock market closely in the Eighties and early Nineties, stockbroker Harshad Mehta is a title you couldn’t procure away. Nicknamed the Unparalleled Bull or Amitabh Bachchan of the stock market, he rose to prominence within the Indian securities alternate shopping and selling in shares and accumulating wealth that included his Worli penthouse and immediate of vehicles.

Nonetheless, all this came crashing down when in 1992 it became once printed that Mehta’s success had been carried out by a securities scam he ran. The events of the identical had been chronicled in the book The Scam: Who Received, who Misplaced, who Bought Away by journalist Sucheta Dalal and Debashish Basu which has now been adapted into a web crime drama sequence that premiered on streaming platform SonyLiv, directed by Hansal Mehta.

On this interview with Rolling Stone India, actors Pratik Gandhi and Shreya Dhanwanthary, who play Mehta and Dalal respectively, disclose over with us about how they adapted to taking half in real-existence characters, the making of the sequence, their thoughts on the relate incident and more.

What create you endure in thoughts from ought to you first received the resolution to play Harshad Mehta and Sucheta Dalal?

Gandhi: What I endure in thoughts is the elegant reaction to myself. I couldn’t have if this essentially came about or now not. It started with a phone call with Hansal sir, then he called me for an audition. Submit that he called me over to his site and offered the feature, saying there might perchance be this character of Harshad Mehta and we need you to play it. And I factual couldn’t have what factual came about. That’s how I received the feature.

Dhanwanthary: I became once very angry by the likelihood of engaged on this huge display with Hansal, who I even have been a large fan of. And when I received the feature, I became once so angry that I did not realize till way later, ‘Holy crap, I even want to play a in point of fact carried out woman.’ This living, respiration individual who can glimpse at what I’m doing and whine that it is entire crap. The stress hit me way later, as first, it became once factual pleasure.

What became once your preparation for this option and what had been one of the most necessary nuances you dropped at your performance?

Dhanwanthary: In phrases of preparation for this option, Hansal guided all of us because all of us had been basically basically based on real-existence characters and we had been taking half in real characters. So, we obviously did the frequent housekeeping, love learning articles we could perchance procure our hands on because she [Dalal] has a in point of fact sure remark and articles she has written. Archival footage, interviews if any so on so forth. We did dive deep into all of that. Except for this, he made it very obvious that we had been now to not mimic anybody who we had been taking half in. It became once now not in particular caricaturist. We had been told to internalize every thing in announce that any habits or mannerism we create would glimpse a ways more natural and heaps more lived-in fixed with the instances we had been taking half in. I’m very gay that a system of my journalist chums are calling me up and telling me that I even have performed justice to the feature. So, without reference to I did I affirm essentially worked. You have not any belief how relieved I’m.

Gandhi: As a a part of the preparation, I in the inspiration read plenty about Harshad Mehta by thoroughly different sources. I wished to clutch what folks notion to be him, and the theories and perceptions they’ve created round him. And the script for sure became once love a bible for us. 550 pages of the script became once an intensive analysis doc in itself. And then there have been just a few video interviews of Harshad which I saw. I also met a system of those that had worked with him in the past, to attain him better. I also learned the signal languages of the stock market, which could be extinct by the jobbers in the BSE [Bombay Stock Exchange] ring. As a ways as nuances are concerned, Hansal sir and I both knew it became once a minute bit traumatic to glimpse love him. That’s when he told me to have a bigger body frame and I’ll want to positioned on weight, and I did model 18 kilos of weight, to glimpse as terminate as seemingly to Harshad. As an alternative of that, we worked on bringing the arresting attitude, a puny change in the walking style. These had been some minute issues we did to raise the character alive.

Dhanwanthary on the space of ‘Scam 1992.’

Is it a boon or a bane taking half in an right-existence individual as against a fictional character?

Gandhi: It’s a in point of fact arresting segment to be for an actor. I even have created many real-existence characters on stage while doing theater. I’ve been doing a system of monologues, in Hindi, English and Gujarati. But to create it for the camouflage and for the kind of large venture is traumatic. Had it been a movie, it is soundless restricted as a ways because the camouflage time and the total graph is concerned, whereas, for this structure, it demands an actor to create and purchase the character for 10 hours of camouflage time. That is the same to 5 films. So, I thoroughly have in thoughts myself fortunate to be in this site so as to model his character.

Dhanwanthary: It’s a boon to play both. Honestly. If there became once any bane scenario it would simplest be the extra rigidity on the actual fact that you just are living as much as a describe that somebody has. Somebody has lived a prosperous colourful existence and likewise you are trying to essay that in without reference to minute time probabilities are you’ll need got. Whether or now not it’s in a web sequence structure or a movie. Otherwise, it is a boon to play something else. Within the occasion you procure an right script and a successfully fleshed-out character to dive into the layers and to create something from the bottom up in phrases of fiction or re-are living something which has already been mentioned, lived, and told. it’s essentially an enriching experience either way.

How successfully versed had been you referring to the relate events of the 1992 scam sooner than the sequence?

Dhanwanthary: I became once now not exactly born during that duration when the scam started which is the early Eighties and Nineties. I factual knew of the actual fact that something love this had came about and here’s something I do know thanks to my dear dad who’s a finance and income individual. We grew up in the Middle East and we had been away from India. So, he made sure we had a wholesome dose of frequent info referring to the realm and our fatherland. So, he extinct to sit down us down and display issues, so I knew it as a subject of the actual fact but I did not know deep the tales on the encourage of it had been which I came to clutch obviously after learning the 550 pages script of the display.

Gandhi: I did not have an intensive belief referring to the technicalities fervent, but I became once in college in ’92 and my first cousin had misplaced a system of money thanks to this scam. ’92 became once the time when we also had communal riots. I became once in Surat encourage then and I knew something distinctive became once going on all the way in which by the realm.

What can you notify me referring to the making of the sequence and what had been one of the most necessary moments that stood out for you?

Gandhi: The wonderful danger is that it is a large venture in itself and then to create that expertise of the Eighties and Nineties ought to you shoot commence air became once complex. The total buildings have mobile towers now, and in each site you specialize in a digital world round you. And that became once now not the case then. So, hats off to your entire group, direction, photography, space designers who had been ready to create the Nineties essentially feel on space. Except for that, one more danger became once we had been working with a large forged of 65-70 folks, it became once a large project to shoot over nine months. That became once very traumatic.

Dhanwanthary: Interestingly [there were] surmountable hurdles now not in particular challenges. There have been hurdles for which we needed to resolve out ways to beat. On story of love I mentioned you’re taking half in a journalist who carried out so noteworthy. She became once the first female monetary journalist and is a Padma Shri award-worthwhile journalist for the work she has performed. She is believed to be one of the most those that introduced the time duration scam into the final public lexicon. So, in phrases of that is basically a privilege. The production create, the art create, costumes by Arun [Chauhan], all americans on that space became once completely versed with the realm we had been trying to create, and all americans conducted their portion so fantastically. I essentially feel I did the least quantity of labor, it’s love I confirmed up because all americans else did their jobs so successfully that they made it very straightforward for me to play my portion. I’m so grateful and soundless can’t have the response.

Gandhi as Harshad Mehta in ‘Scam 1992.’

How have you ever been during the pandemic and what’s been keeping you busy?

Dhanwanthary: I’m very grateful that I received a guilt-free supreme time to utilize with family, an uninterrupted time. I’ve in the style we have been living our lives it’s factual been one thing after thoroughly different, we don’t think to end and think. The yr we’re living by, has modified a system of priorities, shifted level of view, and slowed down the straggle. Properly, I wrote, directed, and produced a chain [A Viral Wedding] early this yr which is streaming on Eros Now with a beautiful and ideally suited forged.

Gandhi: As I discussed, I had gained steady ample weight to procure into Harshad’s character. We carried out taking pictures on March 5th and from the 15th, the lockdown became once announced. So, it worked out in my desire, because the first 60 days, I extinct that time to shred off the extra weight. And apart from that, despite taking chubby precautions, I and my family had been tested sure for the virus. So that also took one and a half months of time to get better. So that’s been my lockdown.

What’s subsequent on the agenda for you?

Gandhi: Subsequent, I’m hearing a system of scripts now for web sequence. Correct mainstream films and tasks are coming my way. Scam 1992 has proved to be a large milestone in my occupation. Except for that, I could retain continuing with my regional cinema work.

Dhanwanthary: I factual want to purchase offering tales, leisure and I am hoping for more opportunities. I even have Household Man [web series] increasing in December and I if truth be told have a venture with [director-producer] Nikhil Advani coming subsequent yr and some thoroughly different issues.


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