Security Video Captures CEO Beating 4-Month-Former Pup: ‘Nothing Unlawful About What I Did’

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Security Video Captures CEO Beating 4-Month-Former Pup: ‘Nothing Unlawful About What I Did’

Security Video Captures CEO Beating 4-Month-Former Pup: ‘Nothing Unlawful About What I Did’

A Los Angeles CEO has claimed himself as a victim of extortion after a concierge in his condominium building caught him on security digicam beating his four-month-passe puppy.

Moreover, the CEO claimed that what he did no longer wasn’t unlawful, even when he’s for the time being under investigation by police for the incident.

On August 22. Jeffrey Previte, the CEO of EBI Consulting, became captured on digicam at the Seychelle Condominiums building in Santa Monica, California hoisting his puppy, Beachy, outdoor of his region.

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Video of the incident shows Previte finding something on the ground discontinuance to Beachy and then angrily seizing the animal by the correct aspect of its head with his left fist. He yanks the dog off the ground, fist clenched spherical its pores and skin, sooner than slapping the dog whereas shaking it spherical.

Opening a door, he then yanks the animal some more as the door closes in the aid of him. A minute later, Previte emerges from in the aid of the door carrying Beachy with his correct hand clenched in some unspecified time in the future of the dog’s throat. Repositioning his hand to withhold the dog by its collar, he then slaps the dog as soon as more sooner than temporarily atmosphere it down and carrying it off-digicam.

Jeffrey Previte dog animal abuse video
This dog resembles the one confirmed in the video of Jeffrey Previte.

In a public say, Previte mentioned his building’s concierge called him at 9 p.m. on August 22 and, “He tried to extort money from me in notify that he wouldn’t chronicle it to the building.”

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“There is nothing unlawful about what I did,” Previte persevered. “I mentioned if you occur to’ve got to say the building, say the building. The building supervisor took it very severely. I acquire it very wretched that we are even speaking about this.”

Despite Previte’s claim of legality, on Thursday night the Santa Monica Police Division wrote in a tweet that its Animal Products and companies Unit is investigating the incident for a doubtless violation of Penal Code 597(a).

Penal Code 597(a) is an animal abuse legislation citing somebody who “maliciously and intentionally maims, mutilates, tortures, or wounds a residing animal.” Assorted subsections of the legislation mention the inflicting of “pointless cruelty”, “needless suffering” and abuse of any kind in opposition to animals.

Newsweek contacted EBI Consulting for comment. The corporate has deactivated its Twitter and Facebook pages and scrubbed any mention of Jeffrey Previte from its online online page.

In a press free up, the Seychelle Condominiums wrote, “The obvious habits of the unit proprietor became abhorrent and utterly unacceptable. Constructing administration stands in the aid of our employee and we took swift motion, including contacting animal control and directing the resident to halt all contact with our employee. We continue to stutter diversified measures that may well moreover be desirous about our counsel.”


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