Spanish court docket to quiz witnesses over ‘illegal surveillance’ of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

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Spanish court docket to quiz witnesses over ‘illegal surveillance’ of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

Spanish court docket to quiz witnesses over ‘illegal surveillance’ of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

A Spanish court docket investigating allegations that a security company illegally spied on guests to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on the Ecuadorian Embassy in London will hear evidence from lawyers and a pc safety specialist.

Andy Müller-Maguhn, a pc safety expert and aged spokesman for hacking organisation the Chaos Pc Club, is attributable to give evidence by video-hyperlink on 26 October as half of an investigation into illegal surveillance on the embassy.

The court docket could even quiz lawyer Renata Ávila from Guatemala and Juan Branco, a French lawyer, on 26 and 27 October. They are two of at least 15 lawyers who’re said to be pleased assisted Assange.

Müller-Maguhn, who runs an organization that develops cryptophones, is a non-public friend of Assange, and visited the WikiLeaks founder frequently throughout his time on the Ecuadorian Embassy.

He is vice-president of the Wau Holland Foundation, which has supported journalistic activities connected to WikiLeaks since 2019.

In 2012, he regarded on Assange’s television show on RT, discussing the vogue forward for the cyber web and digital privateness, and change into a contributor to Assange’s e-book Cypherpunks: Freedom and the vogue forward for the cyber web.

The Spanish National Court docket in Madrid is investigating allegations that UC Global, an organization that equipped safety services to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, illegally monitored Assange’s guests, including lawyers, journalists and celebrities.

A criminal criticism filed by Assange’s lawyers on 29 July 2019 alleged that UC Global and its founder, David Morales, a aged mercenary, dedicated crimes towards privateness and breached lawyer-shopper communications. Morales faces extra allegations of bribery and cash laundering.

Müller-Maguhn change into precedence target

Per court docket documents, Morales identified Müller-Maguhn as a precedence target.

An e-mail despatched by Morales to UC Global staff on 10 December 2017 described Müller-Maguhn as one in all “three profiles that be pleased to be controlled at all situations”.

The different targets were German hacker Bernd Repair, also a board member of the Wau Holland Foundation, and “Russian electorate”.

“It’s some distance most well-known that the operators who’re there hear to them, that they warn us in near if they recede by the embassy and after they agenda a focus on to,” said Morales’ e-mail.

“It’s likely you’ll per chance most likely also honest be pleased to also hear if they raise cellphones, pen drives, computers or any digital instruments. I worth that the protocol is that they leave their digital instruments on the doorway,” he wrote.

Müller-Maguhn gave a presentation on the Chaos Pc Club on 30 December 2019, giving technical info of the surveillance in and all around the Ecuadorian Embassy, largely basically based mostly on the identical evidence being examined by the Madrid court docket.

Ponder José de la Mata, who is main the investigation, will hear evidence from Renata Ávila, a lawyer from Guatemala, on 26 October.

UC Global’s staff on the embassy opened Ávila’s briefcase and photographed her digital devices throughout visits to Assange, in accordance to a criminal criticism filed by Assange’s lawyers.

Ávila change into talked about in an e-mail despatched by Morales to an total lot of UC Global staff on 21 September 2017.

In instructions to about a of his staff, Morales warned that the Ecuadorian intelligence provider, Senain, change into investigating UC Global.

He requested them to be careful about sharing info about their trips to the US and to put a stable communications system.

He also requested them to work to fetch data relating to the embassy’s Wi-Fi data and cellular phone listing.

Morales, who had the contract to make safety services for the embassy – identified as the “resort” – requested for info about Assange, who change into given the codename “Visitor”.

Morales requested for info relating to the discipline fabric old in the partitions of Assange’s room in the embassy, and for photos of its inside to glimpse the scheme of the furnishings.

“I need to glimpse what composition the partitions that encompass the room of the Visitor (brick, masonry, cement). Also, if it were that it’s likely you’ll per chance most likely also judge, photos of the inside,” he said.

The e-mail suggested UC Global to create profiles of of us that frequently visited Assange on the embassy, or collaborated with him, including their non-public data, their relationship with Assange, their cellular phone numbers, emails and selection of visits.

Checklist of targets

The listing of targets incorporated Ávila and other lawyers who visited Assange, the Pasarelli brothers – referring to the Guatemalan documentary maker Juan Passarelli, WikiLeaks editor Sarah Harrison and thinker Srećko Horvat.

Morales confirmed a particular ardour in Stella Moris, a member of Assange’s apt personnel. Her relationship with Assange became public in April 2020, when she disclosed that she change into the mother of two of his children, conceived while Assange change into confined to the embassy.

Morales requested: “Special consideration on STELLA MORRIS… we judge that it’s a false name.”

There change into a rumour, he wrote in the e-mail, that Morris had had a baby with Assange. 

“If mandatory, I prefer a particular person dedicated to this activity entirely, so if it be critical to rent somebody for it, speak me,” he wrote.

Dilapidated head of UC Global operations to be wondered

Michel Wallemacq, aged head of operations at UC Global, is also attributable to give a assertion to the court docket.

In the beginning put, the Spanish utter summoned Wallemacq to testify as a seek for, in an picture dated 18 June.

Two months later, the utter decided to price him with crimes towards privateness and towards the secrecy of communications between Assange and his lawyers.

Wallemacq change into guilty for UC Global’s staff on the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, below the course of Morales.

Per the picture, considered by Pc Weekly, throughout Wallemacq’s testimony as a seek for, “it change into revealed the probability that Wallemacq, a end collaborator of  David Morales, had participated at once in the execution of the events [at the embassy]”.

He is presupposed to be pleased passed on orders to the leisure of the staff to aid and photograph the documentation and digital devices of of us that visited Assange.

Wallemacq is also accused of giving instructions to UC Global staff to tale and put collectively experiences on conferences that Assange held on the embassy.

Wallemacq obtained an 1.1MB encrypted e-mail on 8 January 2017 with the discipline line “Aitor Martínez Paperwork”, in accordance to court docket filings.

The file is presupposed to non-public documents relating to Aitor Martínez, a lawyer representing Assange in Spain.

Wallemacq change into on the beginning put summoned to testify as a defendant on 9 September, nonetheless the hearing change into postponed.

UC Global ‘mild 500 identity documents’

French lawyer Juan Branco will testify sooner than the utter on 27 October.

Scanned passports belonging to Branco are incorporated in a file of about 500 identification documents of of us that visited Assange between 2015 and 2018 mild by UC Global, along with scanned documents belonging to Ávila and Müller-Maguhn.

Photos of Müller-Maguhn’s cryptophone cellphones were among the documentation taken from the corporate’s server.

The three will testify sooner than the utter as witnesses, nonetheless also as that it’s likely you’ll per chance most likely also judge victims of the espionage applied by UC Global.

“There are aspects that enable us to verify that these individuals also can honest be pleased been harmed by these events, having been the targets of Morales Guillén’s practices,” a court docket picture from utter De la Mata states.

Journalist and aged diplomat Craig Murray is awaiting a new date to testify in particular person on the Spanish National Court docket.

Murray, who change into British ambassador to Uzbekistan between 2002 and 2004, when he change into put below rigidity to face down after denouncing the frequent discover of torture in that nation.

Murray’s passport change into scanned and saved by UC Global staff 5 situations between June 2016 and December 2017.

The utter first and most well-known ordered a assertion from Murray in slack July, along with WikiLeaks spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson and aged Greek economic system minister Yanis Varoufakis.

Aitor Martínez, who represents Assange in Spain, said the court docket had agreed to hear statements from about 30 individuals requested by Assange’s lawyers.

These incorporated US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, and Assange’s chums Pamela Anderson and Stephen Hoo, an actor.

Zohar Lahav, head of safety at casino community Las Vegas Sands, race by Sheldon Adelson, has also been requested to give evidence.

Two aged staff of UC Global gave anonymous seek for statements to the Spanish court docket and to Assange’s extradition trial on the Dilapidated Bailey in September.

They speak that Morales had a aspect deal to make “American chums” with surveillance photographs from the Ecuadorian Embassy, by an scheme with Las Vegas Sands.

The aged staff be pleased urged that surveillance discipline fabric change into in a roundabout way passed on to US intelligence – a speak the Spanish court docket is investigating.

However, the National Court docket utter has no longer agreed to a anticipate to hear evidence from Adelson, owner of Las Vegas Sands, and its head of safety, Brian Nagel.

Two other individuals of ardour to the Spanish investigation be pleased no longer been identified – Eddy “El Moro” and Matthew.

Spain asks for US co-operation

The Spanish utter agreed to scenario a anticipate for support to the US in an picture dated 18 June 2020.

The court docket is searching out for data on the ownership and scrape of a collection of IP addresses that accessed the UC Global FTP server between 16 and 18 January 2018.

A trial lawyer on the US Department of Justice’s Build of job of World Affairs has requested utter María de las Heras for data to point to how the IP addresses are connected to the Spanish court docket’s investigation.

In a letter despatched on 17 July, the US presented the name to mind the Spanish National Excessive Court docket with a detailed listing of questions relating to the investigation (watch box below).

The US Justice Department gave the Spanish utter till 16 October to answer.


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