The Postal Service Is Making a Comeback – Will Their Song Delay?

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The Postal Service Is Making a Comeback – Will Their Song Delay?

The Postal Service Is Making a Comeback – Will Their Song Delay?
  • The U.S. Postal Service has had a rough pandemic as Donald Trump has performed all he can to impart them assist.
  • Mockingly, the prolonged-dormant indie rock band, The Postal Service, may perchance perchance very successfully be making a return.
  • Will they’ve an target market in 2020?

The Postal Service is making a return.

No, now not the mail-provide provider that’s given so remarkable to our country, they’re serene struggling to outlive. However the indie-rock band that shot onto the scene 17-years in the past is making waves all as soon as more.

They were groundbreaking at the time, but does this relic of the previous acquire what it takes to achieve 2020?

The Postal Service Is Losing Hints

You wish take care of a mysterious tweet. The Postal Service moral tweeted “10.7.20” with this video:


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The tweet capabilities a jazzy, elevator song rendition of the band’s hit song, “Nothing Better.” It then says, “your assembly will originate up the next day 10.7.20,” hinting that the group will drop new song the next day.

While this may perchance occasionally be nostalgic for plenty of, will it’s connected?

Will They Reach Gigantic New Heights?

By the utilize of their electro-synth-pop beats in 2003, created by Jimmy Tamborello (aka Dntel), The Postal Service used to be earlier than their time. Their collaborative style used to be moreover queer. They’d send each and every diversified tracks backward and forward thru the mail (therefore the name) to acquire the album. Test out their ideal hit beneath:


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Properly, it’s 2020, and neither of these hooks are particularly queer or inviting anymore. And, if we’re being appropriate, lead singer Ben Gibbard’s emo style isn’t precisely the whole rage. His main band, Death Cab for Cutie, hasn’t exactly been ‘crushing it’ this decade.

But there may perchance be hope.

It’s All About Timing

The Postal Service has timing on their side. In point of truth, it couldn’t be better. As the enviornment grapples with the ever-keen verbalize of fact, nostalgia has become a prized commodity. We’re craving issues from a more accept time. Why else would “Cobra Kai” execute this kind of following? Why form you factor in “The Last Dance” used to be doubtlessly the most-watched documentary of all-time?

We’re living in the Upside Down. Our president is telling us to drink Lysol, and his main opponent is asking people ‘canines-confronted pony infantrymen.’ Give us one thing, one thing else that makes sense.

The Postal Service made sense to us again then, and it makes even more sense as a descend unencumber. Fans were going loopy for descend-themed albums from their current cozy artists take care of Rapid Foxes and Phoebe Bridgers.

The Postal Service is doing what the USPS has been blocked from doing: handing over the items moral on time.

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