Tim Hortons mistakenly told an Ontario man he’d received $10K. Now, he needs to sue

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Tim Hortons mistakenly told an Ontario man he’d received $10K. Now, he needs to sue

Tim Hortons mistakenly told an Ontario man he’d received $10K. Now, he needs to sue

Some Ontario residents who were misled by a glitch in Tim Hortons’ Roll Up To Win Contest, and mistakenly told they had received $10,000, are now exploring their honest alternatives in opposition to the Canadian espresso chain.

“I are looking forward to the $10,000 and [Tim Hortons] will be hearing from a authorized skilled,” Jeremy McDougall, of Tillsonburg, Ont., told CTV News Toronto Thursday.

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A mistake on Tim Hortons’ behalf Monday notified a glorious deal of customers they had received $10,000 from the chain’s Roll Up To Win contest. Nonetheless, quickly after, they were told it used to be a “technical error,” as the plot is supposed to be a prize awarded to handiest one particular person everyday.

“We’re very sorry that a technical glitch horrid the first few hours of the contest for just a few of our steady company and resulted in some disappointment,” a spokesperson for Tim Hortons told CTV News Toronto in a observation. The espresso chain did no longer verify how many folk were affected or whether or no longer it had been notified of any formal honest action in opposition to the firm.

To specific its remorse for the disappointment resulted in by this glitch, Tim Hortons acknowledged it has been in contact with and supplied a $50 present card to every buyer affected – nonetheless some gamers maintain rejected the olive branch and are pondering honest action as an different.


Michael Hendry of Whitby, Ont., acknowledged he used to be hasty to strive and call Tim Hortons after Monday’s mishap.

“I emailed them encourage, and I was indulge in, ‘I know [..] technical issues took place, nonetheless […] you guys could well maybe perhaps also quiet honour your contest, and so that they didn’t even electronic mail me encourage or one thing,” Hendry, 31, told CTV News Toronto.

Hendry says he has been taking half in Roll Up To Win yearly since its inception, and on the total drinks four to five cups of espresso a day when working overnights.

Hendry acknowledged he has by no capacity received one thing bigger than a free donut or espresso sooner than in the contest, and used to be “handsome angry” when he saw he had received the pay as you skedaddle $10,000 American Convey everyday jackpot prize on Monday.

“I was swish making an are attempting at it, indulge in ‘Undoubtedly I didn’t get,’” he acknowledged, adding that, when he went encourage to the Tim Hortons attain Garden Avenue and Rossland Avenue East, the supervisor confirmed his get.

McDougall, 37, acknowledged he went by a identical ride. After showing his wife that he had the $10,000 plot on his cell phone, he took a screenshot and drove encourage to the placement he had bought espresso from.

“I confirmed [the manager] on the screen, and acknowledged, ‘Repeat me that’s what I mediate it’s.’ She acknowledged, ‘Yeah, congratulations,’ and so that they all began clapping, and we went, ‘Woo,’ we screamed handsome loud, and walked out the door,” McDougall acknowledged.

At that time, he acknowledged all there used to be left to attain used to be to take a look at the successful code with Tim Hortons.

About 34 to 35 hours later – after he acknowledged he and his wife had already brainstormed how they could spend the money, and after loads of attempts making an are attempting to glue with Tim Hortons – McDougall heard encourage, with the offer of a $50 present card.

“My heart sank, we notion we received $10,000. I know that’s no longer a vogue of money for some folks, nonetheless this label day [..] we notion $10,000 used to be a immense deal,” McDougall acknowledged.

Fortuitously, each and each Hendry and McDougall didn’t spend any money sooner than they bought the affirmation that they weren’t $10,000 richer – nonetheless each and each are now pondering honest action.

Hendry acknowledged he’s pondering looking out for out honest counsel “if there’s sufficient folks,” while McDougall has already gotten preserve of a authorized skilled.


Sever Poon, business and civil litigator in Toronto, told CTV News Toronto that, while customers are completely within their rights to file a claim in opposition to Tim Hortons, there’s no guarantee they’ll succeed.

“The causes of action that a buyer potentially could well maybe perhaps also maintain are both a claim of breach of contract claim or a claim of negligent misrepresentation,” Poon acknowledged Friday.

Within the match of a breach of contract claim, Poon acknowledged the customers would be to blame for proving that they were certainly a winner in accordance with Tim Horton’s principles and guidelines. He acknowledged he thinks this route is unlikely to succeed, as Tim Hortons’ Roll It Up Contest phrases and guidelines seemingly provide the honest basis for the chain to label the notification used to be in error.

“The convey with this form of claim is that there are indulge in 30 pages of the principles and guidelines,” he acknowledged.

One in all the clauses in Tim Horton’s Roll It Up To Win contest’s phrases and prerequisites states that every buyer who is of the same opinion to play, by willingly making a purchase account for, “is of the same opinion to open [Tim Hortons] from any and all liability, loss or injury that they could well maybe perhaps also incur in connection with their participation in the contest and, if acceptable, with respect to the awarding, receipt, possession and/or use or misuse of a prize and notifications in respect of a prize.”

This clause, the phrases tell, extends to errors of any form , at the side of printing manufacturing, or on-line, web, and digital materials.

“Tim Hortons would seemingly be ready to label the notification as a mistake,” Poon acknowledged. “I mediate or no longer it’s unlikely that the shopper would be ready to label their claim in courtroom no topic breach of contract claim.”

With a claim of negligent misrepresentation, per Poon, a buyer would be to blame for proving that they relied on the misrepresentation and that they suffered damages consequently.

“So as an illustration, if the shopper bought the awareness that they received $10,000 and then they went […] and acquired a dart and repair it on a credit card immediately, that could well maybe perhaps be an example of reliance on illustration [and] they maintain now suffered damages,” he acknowledged.

Jonathan Schachter, a authorized skilled at Waddell Phillips, echoed Poon’s statements and acknowledged he’s “pessimistic that a claim in opposition to Tim Hortons would succeed here.”

“I wouldn’t expose folks to no longer even strive,” Schachter acknowledged. “I mediate it’s gigantic to peer patrons strive and vindicate their rights, and I mediate no longer sufficient patrons attain that, nonetheless by my reading of these principles, it’s an uphill combat.”


Practically per week for the reason that technical error took space, Hendry is quiet holding out hope the espresso chain will honour his $10,000 get, announcing it used to be “handsome disappointing” to be supplied a $50 present card in return.

McDougall acknowledged he’s ready to peer what Tim Hortons’ subsequent transfer will be sooner than deciding on any path of honest action.

“I would are looking forward to them to accomplish some form of observation as to what’s occurring with how public this has gone, and how many folk are affected,” he acknowledged. “So, I mediate it’s more of a ready game to peer if they’re going to [..] accomplish this swish or if one thing else goes to pick on to happen.”

For now, though, McDougall plans to purchase his espresso in other locations.

“I actually despatched them their [gift card] encourage because I plan no longer maintain any plans on spending money at Tim Hortons ever again,” he acknowledged.

“That’s a handsome immense insult to present me half of a percent of what they told me I received.”

Tim Hortons acknowledged, despite the bumpy open to its Roll It Up To Win contest, it has now awarded over 2.4 million prizes to customers, at the side of two vehicles to gamers in Woodville, Ont., and Brooks, Alta.

The competition runs for but some other 22 days. 

With files from The Canadian Press

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