Trillion Greenback A lot Tech Companies Will Use China Virus Rip-off to Win Over The United States

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Trillion Greenback A lot Tech Companies Will Use China Virus Rip-off to Win Over The United States

Trillion Greenback A lot Tech Companies Will Use China Virus Rip-off to Win Over The United States

There are a wide many Lesser Scams going on at some level of the Big Rip-off that’s the China Virus shutdowns.

Under the all-encompassing fraud umbrella of Democrats murdering our $22 trillion financial system for a flu – in suppose to un-elect President Donald Trump – heaps of alternative main chicanery is occurring.

One in every of the hugest beneficiaries of the tiresome shutdowns – is the A lot Tech companies and their mega-mogul executives.

Governments believe mandated we by no manner, ever race away our properties.  What else then is there to fabricate nonetheless spend never-ending hours handing our records, our lives – and our financial system – over to monstrous A lot Tech?

A lot Tech Consolidating Power And Earnings as Diminutive Corporations Deemed ‘Unessential’ Are Shut Down

It’s been a preposterously winning six months for A lot Tech.

A lot Tech Earnings Surge At some level of Pandemic While Financial system Slumps:

“The ideally suited U.S. technology companies are thriving in an endemic that has elevated dependence on their merchandise and products and companies, while hammering noteworthy of the rest of the financial system.”

The Winners in a Pandemic Financial system: A lot Tech:

“It has been a bleak twelve months for many companies in the U.S., and consultants warn that as much as a third of all American slight companies may shut for correct at some level of the pandemic….

“The tech giants — Amazon, Apple, Fb, Google, Microsoft and Netflix — believe considered fundamental gains as the world has gone almost fully on-line for working, education and even socializing.”

That is from Might most definitely well – easiest halfway (so a ways) by the tiresome Shutdown.

American Billionaires Bought $434 Billion Richer At some level of the Pandemic:

“Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Fb’s Impress Zuckerberg had the ideally suited gains, with Bezos adding $34.6 billion to his wealth and Zuckerberg adding $25 billion….”

And right here’s the ranking it gets hilarious.  And by hilarious – I mean ridiculously contaminated.

We learned very early on that the World Well being Group (WHO) is a unconditionally owned subsidiary of Communist China – the birthplace of the China Virus.

As Lengthy As Communist China Controls The World Well being Group, It’s Entirely Unreliable

Donald Trump truly likes the USA – so he did this:

The US Is Halting Funding to the WHO. What Does this If truth be told Imply?

It manner Trump likes the USA.  And he realizes the ChiComms – who don’t love the USA – believe the WHO.

The ChiComms – want to execute US.

Democrats are helping them execute us – with their tiresome shutdowns.

A lot Tech is profiting mightily from the tiresome shutdowns – and additionally they’re already in mattress with the ChiComms – so in fact this:

Fb, Amazon, Google and More Met with WHO to Resolve Out Programs to Stop Coronavirus Misinformation

Any recordsdata that aspects to an pause to this shutdown idiocy – is dubbed by A lot Tech as “misinformation”…and erased.

Twitter, Fb, Google’s YouTube Desirous to Abolish Countering Coronavirus Belief

World Well being Group Partners with Google to Stop Unfold of Coronavirus Misinformation

Fb and Instagram Censor Coronavirus Snarl material Deemed Wicked:

“Fb and Instagram will level users to recordsdata from the World Well being Group and censor nonofficial recordsdata it deems unhealthy in suppose to fight coronavirus-connected misinformation.”

There’s nothing extra Orwellian than “nonofficial recordsdata.”

Fb, Microsoft, TikTok Associate with WHO for Coronavirus Hackathon:

“Fb, Microsoft, TikTok and several other other tech companies are partnering with the World Well being Group….”


Trump Issues Bans on China’s TikTok, WeChat, Stoking Stress with Beijing:

“The hugely long-established TikTok has advance below fire from U.S. lawmakers and the administration over national safety concerns surrounding records sequence.”

ChiComm Crony A lot Tech, in fact, couldn’t care much less.

And naturally….

World Well being Group Is Linking Coronavirus to Climate Substitute

On sage of in fact.  Scams and scammers of a feather – flock collectively.

And after we at final end being rather this tiresome – and pause the nonsense shutdowns?  Things will easiest continue to salvage better for A lot Tech.

On sage of they will likely be doubtlessly the most efficient ones left with any money.

This too is from Might most definitely well – easiest halfway (so a ways) by the tiresome shutdowns.

100,000 Companies Hold Permanently Collapsed Under Pandemic Lockdowns

So we can safely engage the tally now is a minimal of twice that – as this awful avalanche accumulates size and plod the extra down the mountain it gets.

All of which clears increasingly of the discipline – for money-flush A lot Tech.

Amazon already sells usually all the pieces.  We are in the technique of murdering thousands and thousands of their opponents.

Amazon and the rest of A lot Tech will engage on a budget the a noteworthy choice of smoldering ruins that had been as soon as thriving American slight companies.

Or simply hang the voids created – with A lot Tech replicas.

Death of Retail? Deserted Retail outlets Change into Amazon Fulfillment Centers

The long swagger of The United States is about a half dozen A lot Tech companies – owning honest about all the pieces in The United States.

Which brings us to the authorities pronounce.

A lot Tech has already mass-polluted our constitutional republic with their huge campaign contributions – and their ensuing cronyism.

Creeping Tech Cronyism

Cronyism In Action: Authorities’s Cozy Ties To A lot Tech

How Did A lot Tech Gather So A lot? Huge Authorities Cronyism

Imagine how execrable it will be – when they believe the lion allotment of The United States.

The crown jewel of A lot Tech cronyism – is Network Neutrality.

It is miles an all-encompassing Web strength grab by authorities – and the reward that keeps on giving to A lot Tech.

Amongst the a noteworthy choice of authorities blessings Safe Neutrality bestows upon A lot Tech?  It turns the nation’s Web Service Providers (ISPs) – into A lot Tech’s slaves.

A lot Tech rather clearly uses A lot Bandwidth.  Safe Neutrality – outlaws ISPs charging A lot Tech a penny for its A lot Bandwidth.

We the Customers will pay orders-of-magnitude extra for our runt connections – to subsidize A lot Tech’s A lot Bandwidth A lot Cronyism.

A lot Tech spent the final fifteen-or-so years bribing Democrats – making an are trying to salvage Safe Neutrality imposed.  And in fact succeeded for a twelve months below A lot Tech uber-crony Barack Obama – until Trump thankfully undid it.

But in fresh years – A lot Tech started spreading their not likely wealth round.

Tech Companies Aren’t Gorgeous Donating to Democrats: A Glimpse at Silicon Valley’s Contributions to Republican Campaigns

Which has already paid some big dividends.

And very quickly an even bigger, badder A lot Tech – will modify an immense plurality (or extra) of our entire financial system.

And they’ll longer be asking Democrats and Republicans for enormous cronyisms love Safe Neutrality.

They’ll be ordering them to lift.


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