Trump Claims He Won with ‘Honest Votes,’ Predicts ‘a Lot of Litigation’

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Trump Claims He Won with ‘Honest Votes,’ Predicts ‘a Lot of Litigation’

Trump Claims He Won with ‘Honest Votes,’ Predicts ‘a Lot of Litigation’
President Donald Trump speaks relating to the presidential election ends within the Brady Press Briefing Room on the White House, November 5, 2020. (Carlos Barria/Reuters)

President Trump over again claimed he’d salvage the presidential election on Thursday despite unfinished vote counting in a form of the biggest states, and stated that the Republican Party was once now demonstrably the “occasion of the American worker.”

“Whenever you happen to count the apt votes, I easily salvage. Whenever you happen to count the unlawful votes, they’ll try and salvage the election from us,” Trump stated at a White House press convention, predicting “a range of litigation.”

The president alleged that pre-election polls had been designed to favor Democrats in enlighten to “suppress” the vote from Republicans. The Trump campaign has attempted to sue for vote recounts in Wisconsin, Nevada, Michigan, and Georgia, though judges occupy struck down makes an try within the latter two states. As Joe Biden racked up wins in swing states, Trump wrote on Twitter that his campaign would try and investigate the outcomes for probably fraud.

“All of the hot Biden claimed States will seemingly be legally challenged by us for Voter Fraud and Enlighten Election Fraud. A whole lot of proof – correct inspect the Media. WE WILL WIN! The US First!” Trump wrote in a put up that was once censored by Twitter. In any other censored put up, Trump claimed that “ANY VOTE THAT CAME IN AFTER ELECTION DAY WILL NOT BE COUNTED!”

Right thru the press convention, Trump also sought to painting his campaign as portion of a transformation of the Republican occasion.

“Democrats are the occasion of the sizable donors, the sizable media, the sizable tech, it looks,” Trump declared. “And Republicans occupy turn into the occasion of the American worker, and that’s what’s occurred.”

Additionally, Trump stated that Republicans had been now the “occasion of inclusion.” The president has obtained befriend among Unlit, Asian, and Latino voters when put next with 2016 election outcomes, primarily based on Edison exit polls. Spherical one quarter of non-white voters within the U.S. voted for Trump this twelve months, the most for any Republican candidate since Richard Nixon within the 1960 election.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden improved on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 outcomes among college-educated white voters, primarily based on CNN exit polls. President Trump’s largest successfully of befriend came from white voters with out a college training, Edison polls showed. On the opposite hand, the Edison surveys also point out that extra American citizens with an profits of over $100,000 per twelve months voted for Trump than for Biden.

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