Trump remains quiet on DeSantis’ six-week abortion ban

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Trump remains quiet on DeSantis’ six-week abortion ban

Trump remains quiet on DeSantis’ six-week abortion ban

Donald Trump is never mute about much.

However after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a six-week abortion ban, the extinct president has remained quiet on the topic.

He didn’t chide DeSantis for signing the invoice leisurely Thursday. Nor did he needle him for sidestepping the enlighten at two events Friday, with out a doubt one of them on the conservative Liberty College.

Trump’s aides beget criticized DeSantis from every sides on abortion. However it completely remains a mystery the establish Trump, a Florida resident, stands on the query of whether abortion must be illegal at six weeks.

“There is a silence because there’s a recognition that right here also will doubtless be not going to be big for a novel election,” Republican strategist David Urban, a extinct Trump adviser who is neutral in the 2024 fundamental campaign, said of DeSantis’ and Trump’s warding off the topic.

Trump’s uncharacteristic tiptoeing underscores the political possibility of supporting a six-week abortion ban. While many conservative voters who make up the GOP’s sinister contain the brand new Florida law, Republicans overall beget struggled to fresh a unified establish of living on abortion for the explanation that Supreme Court docket final one year overturned Roe v. Wade and a half of-century of precedent on reproductive rights. After Republicans suffered losses in the November midterms they were supposed to dominate, Trump himself blamed abortion politics.

On Monday, a Trump adviser said the six-week abortion ban has been a topic of interior dialogue ever because it changed into obvious the law used to be about to be enacted. 

Aides, nonetheless, negate they don’t must in discovering before Trump on the topic, with a spokesman asserting, “He’ll contend with it if he is asked about it.”

Trump has in most cases performed with out the topic of abortion since he launched his 2024 campaign.

Nevertheless, the enlighten also can attain up Saturday. Trump is scheduled to call in to Iowa’s Faith & Freedom Coalition spring event and steal questions, said the community’s president Steve Scheffler, who’s additionally an Iowa Republican National committeeman.

A first price-DeSantis big PAC has seized on Trump’s silence.

“Governor DeSantis has a out of the ordinary document of success in keeping the unborn and formative years with heartbeats from the brutality of abortion,” said Erin Perrine, spokeswoman for the By no manner Serve Down big PAC, told NBC News in a assertion Monday. “Donald Trump’s most modern contribution to the first price-existence motion has been blaming first price-existence voters for 2022 midterm losses in establish of living of his endorsements burying candidates that must beget won.”

The criticism of Trump from allies of DeSantis, who to this point is never publicly discussing the invoice he signed, underscores the brand new-potato nature of the enlighten among Republicans.

Trump’s team is more happy addressing abortion by manner of what he did as president — namely surroundings the table for states to limit abortion — than how he views the brand new law in his dwelling tell.

“The enlighten we’ve been pointing to is he has a reasonably flawless document by manner of first price-existence and keeping existence,” not the least of which is the appointment of Supreme Court docket justices sooner than Roe v. Wade used to be overturned, said Steven Cheung, a Trump spokesman. “In terms of the six weeks, I don’t must in discovering before what he’ll negate about that or what he’ll imply. I deem he’ll lay out a reasonably obvious agenda for that.”

Mike Noble, an independent pollster who veritably surveys the Southwest, including the battleground tell of Arizona, said it’s no shock Trump is staying mum on the topic for as prolonged as he can. 

“Trump thinks the Dobbs ruling worry GOPers final November,” Noble said. “He does not favor the six-week enlighten susceptible in opposition to him in a novel election.”

Noble pointed to nationwide polling that exhibits gargantuan give a steal to for some make of ethical abortion and principal that a six-week ban would not take a seat nicely with ladies folks, swing voters and independents, in particular in battleground states. The silence from DeSantis and Trump is indicative of the greater jam going thru Republicans.

“It’s the massive conundrum that the GOP is at gift going thru,” Noble said. “They mute don’t in actuality beget an respond for it. That’s why Democrats withhold teeing off on this enlighten. The GOP is fractured.”

The Florida law bans abortions at six weeks but creates exemptions for rape and incest as much as fifteen weeks into pregnancy.

Some strategists negate the abortion debate has prolonged been not easy for Trump.

Brad Todd, a GOP strategist, said Trump’s relationship with anti-abortion activists has been “in the nature of an alliance” greater than in a shared motive since he burst onto the political scene in 2015.

“This has by no manner been Trump’s favorite enlighten,” Todd said.

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