YouTube Terminates Linus Tech Pointers Channel Following Crypto Scammer Hack

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YouTube Terminates Linus Tech Pointers Channel Following Crypto Scammer Hack

YouTube Terminates Linus Tech Pointers Channel Following Crypto Scammer Hack


Standard tech YouTube channel Linus Tech Pointers became as soon as hacked, resurfacing with a special title promoting crypto scam videos featuring Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk. The hack is indubitably one of many such incidents of account breaches on the video streaming platform with cryptocurrency scammers being the favorite culprit.

Tale Terminated in Smash Preserve watch over Droop

Then again, an hour after the hack became as soon as reported, YouTube looks to have terminated the account, presumably to stop the crypto scammers from luring in unsuspecting viewers. In the intervening time, it’s miles believed that YouTube is working within the background to restore channel ownership support to Linus Sebastian.

YouTube Terminates Linus Tech Pointers Channel

The channel had 15.3 million subscribers who had been treated to 2 are residing streams with phishing links. Most curiously, as the existing channel videos had been being deleted by the scammers, and ostensibly restored by YouTube, some erstwhile inside most videos with titles prefaced by “DO NOT UPLOAD” had been additionally made public within the tug of battle between YouTube and the hackers.

Primarily the most latest hacks centered the key LinusTechTips channel, changing the title to “@temporaryhandle”. The channel has additionally deleted plenty of the videos, even though they had been gradually getting restored.

Two Other Linus Media Neighborhood Channels Hacked

Additionally, assorted Linus Media Neighborhood accounts (presumably tied to the an identical email ID) including Techquickie and TechLinked had been additionally hacked, with original names centered spherical Tesla given to them.

The hacked tech channel streamed two deepfake videos featuring Elon Musk speaking about cryptocurrency with Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey. Surely one of them is known as “OpenAI ChatGPT-4: The Sport Altering AI Abilities”, whereas the assorted is is known as “LinusTechTips & Elon Musk Particular Crypto Giveaway.” This one became as soon as taken down 20 minutes into streaming, whereas the key circulate went down after 35 minutes of broadcast.

Hackers Exercise Standard Channels as Phishing Baits

That stated, every streams again went are residing, in what looks to be to be an ongoing tug-of-battle between the hackers and YouTube. Each are residing streams seem like an identical, and integrated a hyperlink to a malicious “Crypto Giveaway” web situation within the chat. The hyperlink is barely clearly a phishing try to gain cryptocurrency wallets from unsuspecting viewers.

YouTube Terminates Linus Tech Pointers Channel

The hack is allotment of a series of an identical attacks over the past 365 days the set crypto scammers breached accounts to promote livestreams pushing viewers to shady crypto websites through links or QR codes.

Previously, the YouTube channel of the British Military became as soon as hacked to promote crypto scams, after a false Apple crypto scam surfaced a number of months earlier than. Channels of long-established artists – Lil Nas X, Drake, Taylor Swift had been additionally breached with an identical outcomes.

How Did LTT Uncover Hacked?

It’s no longer at as soon as determined how the LTT channel acquired hacked, whether or no longer it’s miles a case of compromised password or two-element authentication. There’s additionally no clarity on what YouTube is doing to offer protection to high fee accounts from being breached by gruesome actors.

One YouTuber named Sully claimed the breaches are executed through false sponsors reaching out to YouTubers, who’re then convinced to download a file which contains malware to rob cookies. They’ll then remotely control PCs and intention gain entry to to the YouTube accounts.

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