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Financial recovery from Illegitimate Entities


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Verification of Legitimacy of the companies


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Representation in civil litigation cases internationally.


Asset Liquidation

Worldwide Liquidation in Bankruptcy


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We are statutorily obligated to solicit, help and consequently represent your recovery interests in the jurisdictions concern.

Binary Options and Forex trading scams

Cryptocurrency trading or ICO scams

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It has come to our cognizance that some people are claiming to be us and selling highly regulated products and services such as cryptocurrency. They are imposters and are known as Reclaw International Inc., Whereas we are a registered and a bonafide entity registered as Reclaws International LLC. We hereby declare that we have no association with Reclaw International Inc whatsoever, and we request everyone not to deal with such fraudsters. If you come across any such incidence or have any queries, please write us at support@reclawsint.com

$ 325000

Recovered for Our Clients This Year

It served the purpose bilaterally for our clients to securely recover the investment and us to stand firmly at unprecedented goodwill amongst clients inter alia. Our services aim unprecedently. We revel the success of our clients and instill the best practices to ensure the retrieval of the investments.

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$ 525000

Recovered Financial Damages This Year

Under observance of any infringement of the contract or the agreement, the sought civil remedies addressed to the court. In accordance with the international civil law, the affected party can file for damages and claim the mentioned right. We distinguish in the civil representations of the specified suit.

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Legal Representation of Reimbursement of your Damages
from the Breach of Contract.


Recovery from Crypto Transaction

It is still a challenge for most cases contrary to the fact that it can be tracked and recovered too. The crypto transaction is easy to intercept and our expertise make it even easier to prove the culpability of the Trader(s).


Reports with Exhaustive Insights

Our reports reflect the details about the trader and the least you need to know further, to trade with them.


Civil Suits at Multiple Jurisdiction

Your class action/Individual suit is likely to be entertained in multiple countries worldwide, mostly, at the same time. Our Professionals spanning globally make it easier to represent your interests, even if entertained coevally.


Class Action Suits

Multiple plaintiffs mean a greater proximity of observing relevant evidence to the Honorable court. The Class Actions are entertained all year, thus we can file your suit at the utmost judicially appropriate time.


What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce, child and spouse maintenance.

Unlike the mainstream organizations that are following orthodox steps, Reclaws International LLC held it's nerves and came out as a glorified company with an effective ways to tackle your Financial issues with modern day solutions. Apparently, no one other than team Reclaws International LLC has got highly qualified and professional advisors to manage your forex and binary cases. They're updated and flamboyant and because of this Reclaws International LLC seems to be the most amazing crew..

Herbie Snyder

I'm stunned by the working skills and they stick to the morals. Kept promises and the outcome of my case was truly unbelievable! Reclaws International LLC undoubtedly is the best operating firm in the field of International funds' recovery.

Derren Wallace

Reclaws International LLC is way too experienced and skilled when it comes to executing methods to solve complex cases. For them, smart work is the key to success.

Brett Murphy

A highly designated organization that renders proper guidance for the forex, binary issues, and crypto scams. Reclaws International LLC never backs down on any obstruction and stands to their commitments.

Jake Brooks

Reclaws International LLC's style of operating is widely appreciated and commendable. Moreover, the amount of knowledge they possess regarding the monetary sector is remarkable. Also, the services they offer are quite impressive and unique.

Justin Mancuso

Team Reclaws International LLC is a blend of world-class expertise and passionate staff which provides you excellent support in your case and makes sure to uplift you from the tangled situation.

Ivanka Marinovic

Waste no time in grappling for a companion because Reclaws International LLC is an ideal pit-stop to all your financial issues. Kudos to their profoundly dedicated unit.

Aidan Potts

Widely available features and genuine ideas make Reclaws International LLC different from the other recovery firms. And the most important thing that keeps them up in the block is they believe in professionalism and promptness.

Abbey Rowe

Reclaws International LLC holds a phenomenal record of delivering exquisite services to their clients'. The compliance team is extremely supportive and are readily available for your every issues related to online trading scams.

Cassandra Esters

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Our experts write extensively, securing your further investment plans and diligently curating the news and trends assuring the legitimacy of the offers or otherwise, to ponder. Inculcating a learning discipline acquaints more about the market offers, and the providers regularly lead you to clarity consequently.

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We offer a Broad Range of Legal Services

Our attorneys honor and represent your legal interests as verification of legitimacy and inter alia.


Faster Interpretation of Civil Recovery Laws

Consuming less of your time and delivering with efficiency and dilligence. As overseas jurisdiction include interpretation in many recognized languages and local laws.


Securing Decree for Our Clients Globally

A decree in your favor is the final phase of your success. Once you have liquidated your assets, less are the objectives of challenging the decree is less to none.


Lawsuit to Establish Culpability

Nothing moves without proving a wrong on the side of the defendant. Declaring the intention makes establishing the mentioned culpability easier for the decree and recovery.


Distinguished Experts at Lex Causae Suits

Considering inter-jurisdictional legal complexities for securing no chance of perpetual damages. The illegitimate entity loses its legal status and access to their funds.

The people revere us, and the media covered us regionally and globally on many occasions.

Get to know about the company inside out along with the information of their legitimacy, services offered, regulation details, scrutinizing their capacity to deliver the promises offered, corporate presence, professional credibility, and more.

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