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Reclaws International LLC is a consulting firm committed to serving aggrieved clients in investment fraud/scams and consumer class action cases such as Binary Options, Forex, Cryptos, ICO’s, etc. Through vigorous investigation strategies, critical analyses of the facts and law applicable to each case, and exemplary legal writing, we represent our clients’ interests as if they were our own. Anything less is not acceptable to us, nor should it be acceptable to our clients.


Reclaws International LLC proudly states that our lawyers in the network have had many tremendous successes assisting clients to recover funds and assets wrongfully taken from them, including judgments and recoveries valued in millions in the past few years only. Every case is different, and those results do not necessarily foreshadow what we might obtain for you in your case.

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Our team at the core, per se, would love to examine your case, which is followed by a stringent investigation to a deliberative degree. We solicit our clients to achieve their resonated lost valuable assets at earliest, in most cases, with the penalty which is secured for the fraudulent individuals or entity.Let us know if we can help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and let our experts scrutinize your case for no cost whatsoever. For our efforts, our team has received many accolades of the highest order in the recovery profession. We’ve been featured in many newspapers, magazines, and on television. Our core value at ‘Reclaws International LLC’ is, to restore the assets deceivingly taken from affected clients by influence and misrepresentation wrongfully.


Toughest Defence Lawyers with Best Results

You can simply ask our lawyers in our companywhat those are and how you can benefit from them.

Unlike the mainstream organizations that are following orthodox steps, Reclaws International LLC held it's nerves and came out as a glorified company with an effective ways to tackle your Financial issues with modern day solutions. Apparently, no one other than team Reclaws International LLC has got highly qualified and professional advisors to manage your forex and binary cases. They're updated and flamboyant and because of this Reclaws International LLC seems to be the most amazing crew..

Herbie Snyder

I'm stunned by the working skills and they stick to the morals. Kept promises and the outcome of my case was truly unbelievable! Reclaws International LLC undoubtedly is the best operating firm in the field of International funds' recovery.

Derren Wallace

Reclaws International LLC is way too experienced and skilled when it comes to executing methods to solve complex cases. For them, smart work is the key to success.

Brett Murphy

A highly designated organization that renders proper guidance for the forex, binary issues, and crypto scams. Reclaws International LLC never backs down on any obstruction and stands to their commitments.

Jake Brooks

Reclaws International LLC's style of operating is widely appreciated and commendable. Moreover, the amount of knowledge they possess regarding the monetary sector is remarkable. Also, the services they offer are quite impressive and unique.

Justin Mancuso

Team Reclaws International LLC is a blend of world-class expertise and passionate staff which provides you excellent support in your case and makes sure to uplift you from the tangled situation.

Ivanka Marinovic

Waste no time in grappling for a companion because Reclaws International LLC is an ideal pit-stop to all your financial issues. Kudos to their profoundly dedicated unit.

Aidan Potts

Widely available features and genuine ideas make Reclaws International LLC different from the other recovery firms. And the most important thing that keeps them up in the block is they believe in professionalism and promptness.

Abbey Rowe

Reclaws International LLC holds a phenomenal record of delivering exquisite services to their clients'. The compliance team is extremely supportive and are readily available for your every issues related to online trading scams.

Cassandra Esters

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Our experts write extensively, securing your further investment plans and diligently curating the news and trends assuring the legitimacy of the offers or otherwise, to ponder. Inculcating a learning discipline acquaints more about the market offers, and the providers regularly lead you to clarity consequently.

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free consultation

Evaluating and assimilating does not cost money anymore. Our professional assess the provided information and direct the requisite course of action to represent your civil recuperation.

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Excerpts of Merits

Excerpts of Merits

Differing from the illegal entities in every case and projection of acceptability of claim is imperative with us. We represent the case on the grounds of the observed merits in the civil suit for cognizance of admissibility and decree.

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Established in overseeing the Operandi of illegitimate business and their investment offers makes your legal recourse effortless and easy. We know about the mentioned business in question extensively.

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