By showing me injustice he taught me to love justice. By teaching me what pain and humiliation were all about, he awakened my heart to mercy. Through these hardships I learned hard lessons. Fight against prejudice, battle the oppressors, support the underdog. Question authority, shake up the system, never be discouraged by hard times and hard people. Embrace those who are placed last, to whom even bottom looks like up.”

Roy Black, Eminent American Attorney & Author


Charge-back Assistance

Legal Scrutiny

Our Attorneys secure your decision of investment any contingency or unforeseeable event by scrutinizing the legal problems and resolving them at the very initiation. It makes your investment and recovery interest easier considerably. If any direct or implied infringement of the law to which the company is observed, to which the seeking investment company is a subject, the responsibility of the legal resumes with the immediate effect. Legal solicitation is vital for you to avoid uninvited financial injuries.

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Dispute Presentment Service

The account holder gets a period of 60-120 days’ timeframe to put a redress on it. Provided, you know everything about the reversal of the transaction concerned considering only one chargeback with very stringent exceptions. With our assistance, it is easier to present your dispute to the appropriate authorities yielding promising results.

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Individual Civil Suit

A few of our client wishes for individual and exclusive attention of our team for their distinguishably profiled cases. We respond to their request with our professional services with proven results in their favor judicially and financially as a direct consequence.

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Class Action Civil Suit

There are numerous benefits of multiple plaintiffs by your side to represent a suit for a common cause sought against a defendant(s). Court has to entertain such suits, and a decree is expected sooner in such suits. A class action holds more leverage than individual suits in every sense of the representation.

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Due Diligence

Both legal and business due diligence are integral and indispensable for investors. It helps in negotiating and risks analysis for any investment for a shorter period or long term gain investment plan. Observing the legal due diligence is for ensuring no infringement of mandatory legal compliances whatsoever. It varies with the type of investment and agreements or contract entered to facilitate the transaction between the client and the provider.

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Preliminary Investigation

We need to investigate to assess the corporate details and the legitimacy of their operations as a service provider in the investment sphere. Had there been no offer of an incentive for the investor to the businesses with claimed substantial profit potentials, no intention of investment arises at all. Mostly, investors skip the investigation and fall prey to the planned trap of obscure offers. We investigate to authenticate the offers and the nature of the business guaranteeing safe investment.

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Legal Delegation Network

Adorned with more than 300+ strong network, wherever the company has incorporated itself or operates from, it is more manageable to file a civil suit against the accused and secure a decree after we prepare to represent your case.

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Our experts write extensively, securing your further investment plans and diligently curating the news and trends assuring the legitimacy of the offers or otherwise, to ponder. Inculcating a learning discipline acquaints more about the market offers, and the providers regularly lead you to clarity consequently.

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